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Wilt Chill Arina

(Chill x Goldwyn x Alliance)

Showy Chief heifer straight out 5 EXCELLENT dams!


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April 29, 2018


  • Fancy CHILL heifer straight out 5 generations EXCELLENT dams!
  • 3rd dam was the Res. Champion Swiss Expo 2006: Sagano du Tombuy EX-93-FR
  • Dam has several VG- or EXCELLENT sisters!
  • Family from the same herd as Gourmande - 1st place European Show Libramont 2019
  • 3rd dam is one of the most famous show cows in FRANCE & has 13 daughters and all 100% VG-85!
  • Family tracing back to Nagano du Tomby EX-95-FR - Reserve Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2003
  • Deep French cow family!


Wilt Goldwyn Amely EX-92-FR EX-94-MS
4.04 305d 9.023kgM 3.8% 343F 3.4% 304P
  • Sister to Wilt AL Armel VG-85-FR, Wilt Sid Ameli VG-86-FR, Wilt Sid Adele VG-86-FR & more
  • Great sire stack: Goldwyn x Alliance x Gibson x Storm
Braedale GOLDWYN
Alliance Arlinda EX-90-FR
4.06 305d 12.290kgM 5.0% 615F 3.3% 404P
Sagano du Tombuy EX-93-FR
4.00 305d 11.711kgM 4.2% 493F 3.4% 395P
  • Reserve Champion Swiss Expo 2006
  • Grand Champion Eurogénétique Show 2006, Reserve Champion National Show France 2004
  • 1st place European Show Oldenburg 2006, 2nd place European Show 2004
  • s. Silky GIBSON

Next Dams

4th Nagano du Tombuy EX-95-FR (s. Storm)
5th Lamali du Tombuy EX-92-FR (s. Cracin Royal)
6th Hachette du Tombuy VG-86-FR (s. Bluff)
7th EX-91 Milking
8th EX-95 Frosty

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