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Wilt Enia VG-88-FR 3yr.

(Jasper x Goldwyn)

1st at Swiss Expo 2012


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Reg No.



June 7, 2010

Production Records

2.02 82d 2.548kgM 3.9% 100F 3.4% 85P
3.04 286d 10.319kgM 3.7% 375F 3.3% 341P


VG-88-FR 3yr.


  • 5th place Swiss Expo 2014
  • 1st place as maiden heifer Swiss Expo 2012
  • Dam unfortunately died before calving
  • Grand dam is a fantastic Mr. Sam daughter with extremely high Protein!
  • 4th dam is sister to famous Cows like Encore Electra EX-95, Linjet Eileen EX-96 & Embrace EX-95
  • Goes back on the aristocratic Show and brood Cow, Krull Broker Elegance EX-96-USA


Wilcoxview JASPER-ET
EX Extra NC
  • Died before calving
  • Shottle sister has several sons in AI @ Genes Diffision
Braedale GOLDWYN
Cradenhill Mr Sam Élégance EX-90-FR
4.01 417d 11.131kgM 5.1% 567F 4.0% 445P
  • 2nd place Eurogenetique 2010
  • 4.0% PROTEIN!
  • Sister to Wilt Elena EX-93-CH EX-93-MS 4E dam to Wilt Emy EX-92-FR
Regancrest-Mr Drham SAM
Cradenhill Encore Elegance NC
  • Maternal sister to Budjon-JK Linjet Eilleen EX-96-USA
  • Full sister to Budjon-JK Encore Electra EX-95-USA, Expose EX-95-USA and Express EX-95-USA

Next Dams

4th Krull Broker Elegance EX-96-USA 3E GMD DOM
5th Krull Starbuck Excellency EX-90-USA GMD DOM
6th Krull TT Excellency EX-90-USA DOM
7th Krull Boot Mark Excellency EX-92-USA 2E GMD DOM
8th Krull Kingstead Excellency EX-92-USA 4E GMD

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