WORLD CLASS achievement @ Batouwe: >88 average at R&W's

Wow, an unique achievement at Batouwe Holsteins: they R&W's made it to an average of VG-88,1 since the last classification. The fancy Apoll P 2nd calver Batouwe Catharina 3-Red increased her score to VG-89-NL with EX-91 for dairy strength. Backed by the Catharina EX-91-NL (Mature Champion R&W Dairy Fair Marienwaerdt '16) cow family. Also Hiddink Tulipe 424, a rare offspring from the popular Guex Tulipe-Red EX-98-NL family. This Thriple Threat daughter from Switzerland could due to a IBR-outbreak not be exported back to Switzerland from the Expo in Paris, France. She was sold to the Netherlands were her carreer started and now 40 years later her legacy still continues... Tulipe 424 (s. AltaRic-Red) scored VG-88-NL as a 4th calver. 

Batouwe Catharina 3-Red VG-89-NL EX-91-DS La2 (PEDIGREE)
Apoll P-Red x Catharina 80 VG-89-NL (s. Camion-Red) x Catharina 68 EX-91-NL (s. Kian) x Catharina 55 EX-90-NL
2.04 305d 9.720kgM 4.3% 422F 3.6% 352P
3.05 305d 11.159kgM 4.0% 447F 3.4% 382P

  • Beautiful R&W Apoll P from the Catharina's
  • Multiple generations >4.0% PROTEIN
  • Grand dam was Mature Champion R&W Dairy Fair Marienwaerdt '16 & 3rd @ CRV Koe Expo '15
  • Backed by 2 EXCELLENT dams!!
  • Deep Dutch cow family

Hiddink Tulipe 424 VG-88-NL La4 (PEDIGREE)
2.05 305d 8.285kgM 4.8% 399F 3.4% 281P
3.09 305d 9.013kgM 5.4% 484F 3.5% 314P
4.11 305d 9.785kgM 4.7% 463F 3.7% 363P

  • VG-88-NL La4 AltaRic-Red dtr!!
  • PROTEIN is her trademark noting 3.7% PROTEIN
  • Backed by Guex Tulipe Red EX-98-NL (s. Triple Threat)
  • Deep Swiss cow family from origin!!

Foundation cow: Guex Tulipe Red EX-98-NL

Batouwe AP Apple-Red VG-87-NL

2.01 305d 9.498kgM 4.1% 389F 3.5% 328P
3.01 305d 11.585kgM 3.8% 434F 3.2% 373P
Apoll P-Red x Sympatico *RC x MS Angelina Super Ava EX-93-USA x MS Apples Angelina *RC EX-90-USA x APPLE-RED EX-96

Foundation cow: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM

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