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Absolute Unix Amaretto

(Unix x Doorman x Sanchez)

Unix grand dtr of Arangatang!!


Hullcrest Holsteins
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March 7, 2018


  • Nominated All-Britain Junior Heifer 2018
  • Fancy UNIX grand daughter of Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang EX-95-CAN!
  • 1st place LSC Junior Open '19, Luxembourg // 2nd place All Breeds All Britain Show '18
  • Maternal sister to Absolute Goldwyn Avantgarde - 1st place All Breeds All Britain Show '18
  • Great sire stack with Unix x Doorman x Sanchez x Dundee
  • 4th dam is the great Kingsway Terrason Allie EX-95-CAN!
  • Great deep Canadian show winning family!!


Croteau Lesperron UNIX
Absolute Doorman Tangfastic VG-86-UK 2yr.
  • Full sister to Absolute Doorman Aringadingding VG-86-UK 2yr.
  • Full sister to: Kingsway Doorman Andrea EX-91-USA: 1st Sr. WDE '18, Grand Champion CT Show '18
Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang EX-95-USA
1-11 105d 9.875kgM 4.3% 426F 3.5% 346P
3-4 305d 11.036kgM 4.1% 457F 3.4% 377P
4-4 305d 12.337kgM 4.4% 539F 3.5% 426P
6-1 375d 16.295kgM 4.8% 778F 3.4% 549P
  • Honorable Mention All-Canadian 4 yr. 2014!
  • Res. All-Ontario Mature Cow 2016
  • 2nd Mature Cow Ontario Summer Show '16, 3rd Royal Winter Fair '14, 1st Autumn Opportunity Show
  • All Canadian 4H Junior Yearling 2011
Gen-Mark Stmatic SANCHEZ
Kingsway Dundee Abra Codabra EX-90-USA
2.02 365d 10.118kgM 3.9% 397F 3.4% 342F
  • All-Canadian Summer Yearling
  • All-Ontario Summer Yearling
  • 1st Summer Yearling Royal Winter Fair '07

Next Dams

4th Kingsway Terrason Allie EX-95-CAN 2E
5th Kingsway Progress Ashley EX-CAN EX-93-MS
6th Nelcam Tab Astra EX-CAN 3E
7th Nelcam Prestar Astra VG-88-CAN 4yr.
8th Nelcam Count Alice EX-CAN

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