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BEL Scissor Brenda VG-87-NL 2yr.

(Scissor x Golden Dreams x Fortune)

1st in class Swiss Expo '18


Hullcrest Holsteins
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June 29, 2017


VG-87-NL 2yr.


  • 1st place Young Breeders competition HHH-Show '18!
  • 1st in the youngest class Swiss Expo '18
  • Honorable Mention young heifers Pesse show '18
  • Amazing heifer with several generations VG or higher behind her!
  • Outcross sire stack: Scissor x Golden Dreams x Fortune
  • Going back on BEL Mtoto Diana EX-93-IT: Grand Champion National Show Cremona '03 & '04


All.Nure Silver SCISSOR
BEL Dreams Valentina VG-88-IT
2.02 305d 8.430kgM 3.5% 291F 3.4% 284P
3.02 134d 5.110kgM 3.4% 174F 3.1% 158P
  • 1st 2yr. Old Class - Cremona National Show '16
Heavenly Golden Dreams
BEL Fortune Rosy VG-88-IT
2.04 305d 9.471kgM 3.8% 357F 3.4% 324P
3.08 305d 12.621kgM 3.9% 489F 3.4% 434P
ALPAG Rubens Diana VG-86-IT
2.08 305d 10.443kgM 4.0% 418F 3.3% 342P

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4th ALPAG Milkway Diana VG-86-IT
5th BEL Mtoto Diana EX-93-IT
6th BEL Skychief Zidane VG-87-IT
7th BEL Alogonquin Susan VG-85-IT
8th Turro Warden Gioiosa VG-89-IT

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