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De Oosterhof Santio Eliasia Red

(Santorius *RC x Pat-Red x Aikman *RC)

Huge gTPI R&W female in Europe!

Multiple Owners

Diamond Genetics
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De Oosterhof Holsteins
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Reg No.



October 6, 2018

Genomic Result

US 12/19 GTPI +2466 / NM $ 664 / PTAT +1.24 [ Details ]


  • Chart topping R&W gTPI female: +2535 gTPI (12/18)
  • In the top 30 gTPI R&W females in Europe! (12/18)
  • Dam is the full sister to ALASKA-RED @ AI-Total
  • 3rd dam is THE Planet dtr with SHOW & INDEX!
  • Interesting branch of the Rainyrdige Tony Beauty cow family
  • Same family as Rainyridge Talent Barabara EX-95!
  • Going back to the Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN: the oldest cow who ever won Madison (14-yrs)


DG OH Elyanne Red-ET
  • Full sister to ALASKA-RED @ AI-Total!
  • Dam is the former #1 RC Female in Europe
Coyne-Farms Sympati Pat-Red
Oosterhof DG Elasniai-ET *RC
  • Dam to OH DG Patt ALASKA!
  • Former #1 GTPI RC Heifer in Europe
Rainyridge RZH Planet Elaine VG-88-NL 2yr.
La1 305d 10.440kgM 4.6% 475F 3.5% 360P
La2 305d 9.757kgM 4.6% 447F 3.5% 342P
  • 2nd 2-Yr. Old National HHH-Show '12
  • Sister to RZH Enya Red (Res. Int. Champion SPACE '17)

Next Dams

4th Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara RC EX-92-CAN
5th Rainyridge Shottle Etain VG-89-CAN 3yr
6th Rayverley Leader Eva EX-CAN 1*
7th Rayverley Prelude Evelyn EX-90-CAN 3E 13*
8th Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN 5E 9*
9th Despics Tempo Diana VG-85-CAN

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