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DGF W Haley

(Charl x Jedi x Balisto)

Top ranking GTPI female in Europe! (04/20)


Drakkar Holsteins / DG France
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Reg No.



June 11, 2019

Genomic Result

US 12/20 GTPI +2816 / NM $ 705 / PTAT +0.90 [ Details ]


  • The #36 GTPI Heifer >9 months in Europe at +2815 GTPI (04/20)
  • #40 NET MERIT Heifer >9 months in Europe at +726 NM$ (04/20)
  • The #9 PROTEIN female in Europe: +72 PROTEIN (04/20)
  • Dam is the #4 PROTEIN female in Europe at +76 PROTEIN! (04/20)
  • 6 generations EXCELLENT dams in her pedigree!
  • 3rd dam sold for $ 155.000
  • Same family as Durham, Dundee, Iota, Mac, Halogen and many more!


Wetherton Jedi Hue
  • The #5 PROTEIN female in Europe with: +74 PROTEIN (08/20)
S-S-I Montross JEDI-ET
RZH Honfleur VG-85-UK 3yr.
La1 305d 10.814kgM 3.8%F 3.5%P
La2 305d 10.909kgM 3.9%F 3.5%P
  • Huge type heifer from the Cookiecutters!
  • One of the highest heifers in the GICO System!
  • Maternal sister to BARCLEY! - #1 RZG Balisto son in Germany (12/16)
  • Grand dam is one of the very best Man-O-Man dtrs in the breed! Sold for $ 200.000
De-Su 11236 BALISTO
2-03 2x 323d 11.036kgM 4.3% 470F 3.5% 389P
  • Great Brood Cow, Several high testing offspring on GTPI and RZG!
  • High ranking sons & daughters in various test systems
  • Dam to BARCLEY!
  • Grand dam to Progenesis FORTUNE @ Semex

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