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Ferme de Beauchamp
14600 Gonneville Sur Honfleur, France





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Baltazar #1 NTM bull
May 16, 2018
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The Baviere's

Baviere is the former #1 GTPI cow in the breed and goes back on the Canadian cow of the year, Sunnylodge Prelude SPOTTIE! She makes the high ones with sons at Semex, Masterrind & more!

Drakkar Babylone VG-85-FR 3yr.
(Chevrolet x Garrett x Baviere)
Transmitting SUPERSTAR!!
DKR Balison
(Silver x Chevrolet)
GTPI 2669 Silver grand dtr to Bayla (12/17)
Baviere VG-87-FR EX-MS
(Spring x Chevrolet x Garrett)
#1 RZG Spring in the breed!
Telgter Isabeau-Red
(Debutant x Ladd P)
RED Baviere with RZG 147!
DKR Bayla VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Balisto x Garrett)
Sister to Be One @ Semex
DKR Pepper Birdee
(Pepper x O-Cosmopolitan)
Dam to Baltazar the #1 NTM Bull
DKR Bayla VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Kingboy x Garret)
TYPE & Index
DKR Bayla VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Garrett x Shottle)
#2 RZG Cow in the World!
Baviere VG-87-FR EX-MS | In 2nd lactation
(Shottle x Jocko Besne)
The former #1 GTPI Cow World Wide!!
Drakkar Babylone VG-85-FR 3yr.
(Hotshot x Chevrolet)
Top 15 ISU heifer in Europe! (8/17)
DKR Bayla VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Superstar x Balisto)
Top 30 ISU heifer in Europe! (8/17)
Drakkar Babylone VG-85-FR 3yr.
(Monterey x Chevrolet x Garrett)
Monterey > 2600 GTPI! (12/17)
Drakkar Babylone VG-85-FR 3yr.
(Monterey x Chevrolet x Garrett)
Monterey dtr of the super transmitter Babylone!

World Class R&W

Some of the World's highest ranking R&W cows from the Splendor, Roxy and Etoile cow family!

Calbrett Supersire Barb *RC VG-86-USA 2yr.
(Hotshot x Calbrett Supersire Barb)
Top ranking RED CARRIER Heifer in Europe
Dam: Calbrett Uno Baby Girl *RC VG-86-CAN
(Modesty x Supershot x Numero Uno)
Un-official #1 RC heifer in Europe (7/17)

Top Milkers

Top milkers from the World's greatest cow families.

DKR Impure
(Pure x Supersire)
#1 GTPI Pure daughter World Wide!
DKR Rihanna
(Spring x Supersire)
#1 GTPI Spring in Europe!
DKR Idasyna
(AltaSpring x Supersire x Snowman)
+2467 gTPI combining with +1.99 PTAT (08/18)
DKR Bali
(AltaSpring x Chevrolet x Garrett)
2558 gTPI combining with +2.09 PTAT (08/18)
DG Sanch Carol VG-87-FR 2yr.
(Sanchez x Goldwyn)
Res. National Grand Champion France '14
Elite Pom VG-86-FR 2yr.
(Planet x Shottle)
World Wide contracted Planet!!

Top Maiden's

The greatest world class ranking maiden heifers.

Rusty 2
(Bourbon x AltaSpring x Supersire)
Top ranking Bourbon daughter!
Veneriete Kingboy Elsa 4
(Kingboy x Massey)
Vekis Pandora
(Dozer x Balisto)
#2 GLPI Heifer in Europe & > 2600 GTPI!
Wiltor Numero Uno Candice-ET
(Numero Uno x Domain)
Topper from Chassity!
Rusty 2
(Dozer x Supersire)
#3 GTPI Dozer World Wide!!
Madona Du Bois De Pins
(Monterey x Enforcer x Big Time)
Top 5 PTAT cow in Europe +3.78 PTAT (04/18)
Hul-Stein Four Roses 4
(Bourbon x Supershot x Fanatic)
Early & high Bourbon daughter
DG Blake
(Frazzled x Delta x Supersire)
The NET MERIT Charttopper!
DKR Rusty ET
(Bourbon x AltaSpring x Supersire)
Top ranking gTPI heifer! (08/18)
Drouner Mandi 1567
(Mr Rubi-Agronaut x Missouri x Balisto)
Almost 2800 gTPI with +2.80 PTAT (08/18)
Madona Du Bois De Pins
(Hotline x Monterey x Enforcer)
Huge PTAT heifer: +3.59 PTAT (08/18)

Polled Pietje's

Ivana *RC *P VG-85-UK 2yr.
(Ladd P x Niagra x Stol Joc)
Incredible POLLED
(Supershot x Ladd P)
RC & POLLED Supershot
LM DKR Irene *PO
(Powerball-P x Ladd P)
Almost 2400 GTPI & POLLED
LM DKR Ignatia *PO
(Powerball-P x Ladd P)
POLLED From Pietje family

The Bizou's

Homebred family which goes from strength to strength. The family has 4 descendents over 188 ISU in France and embryos exported to Canada, Japan and Australia already!

Ord Bizou VG-88-FR 2yr.
(Shottle x Jocko Besne)
Very popular New Cow family
DKR Britny VG-88-FR 2yr.
(Jeeves x Shottle)
One of the very best Jeeves in the World
DKR Yorick Betty VG-87-FR 2yr.
(Yorick x Goldwyn)
Fancy Yorick daughter
Drakkar Holstein article HI
Drakkar Holstein article HI
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Vente Drakkar 2014
Vente Drakkar 2014
World Class Red...
World Class Red...
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