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New exciting cow families at Mts. Koning topping the charts!

June 19, 2018 Two exciting additions for Mts. Koning and Diamond Genetics. DG Lotus is the highest one of the 2 with +2767 GTPI, NM $ 892 and PTAT of +2.71, her full sister DG Lotte has +2735 GTPI, NM $ 867 with a great +2.93 PTAT! Both heifers are Modesty daughters out of a Lottomax which eventually trace back to the great brood cow Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-USA. This family has made a lot of impact in the Holstein breed because the 3rd dam is Pine-Tree 2149 Robst 4846 VG-87-USA, she is the dam of Monterey, Powerball-P, Missouri & Cashflow! Exciting times for Mts. Koning and Diamond Genetics!   Read More

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Next generation Shakira's delivers new toppers for Mts. Koning

February 20, 2018 The SHERAY family is undboutly the most dominant transmitting cow family in the herd of Mts. Koning. Their foundation, Twin Sheray 2 delivered multiple successes for this breeders with many sons sold to AI and high genomic ranking females. Now it's time for the next generation, the recent European February genomic run delivered 3 heifers from the Shakira's in the Top 30, all out of the #2 GTPI Silver dtr in Europe: Shakira 2, sired by 3 different sires, a GTPI +2800 Jedi and a GTPI +2773 King Royal!   Read More

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Supersire daughter Shaney now fresh in 2nd lactation!

July 24, 2017 She is one of the very first 2nd calf Supersire daughters in Europe, Super Shaney VG-85 2yr. from Mts. Koning. She is a daughter of Twin Sheray 2 VG-86, which has developed herself as one of the strongest transmitting foundation cows of the European branch of the UFM-Dubs Sheray cow family. She is grand dam to Tarzan at AI Total (GTPI +2728) and to Shockwave (GTPI +2771) @ Alta Genetics. Also she is the grand dam of the #2 GTPI Silver daughter in Europe: Ko-Gen Shakira 2 (GTPI +2752)! Super Shaney is on the start of a high yielding first lactation which is projected on 11.254 kg milk with 3.5% protein in 305 days.   Read More

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Supersire’s from the Eroy’s classified at Mts. Koning

June 3, 2016 Supersire is the highest dtr test TPI bull ever and Mts. Koning has some of his highest daughters in the barn. Recently the 2 full sisters Super Shaney and Supersire Shakira 5830 were scored with VG-85 and VG-86, both with VG-87 udders! The Sheray’s from Koning are amongst the best transmitting branches of the American UFM-Dubs Eroy cow family with sky high ranking animals in the global GTPI rankings with bulls up to >2700 GTPI.   Read More

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Koning SHANINE: GTPI +2787 / PTAT +3.11

November 17, 2015 Mts. Koning are so successful with their huge transmitting branch of the UFM-Dubs Sheray cow family, they bred the current #3 GTPI heifer in Europe with GTPI +2811 out of Shakira, Shakira her full sister Savanna delivered th only bull in the breed with >2780 GTPI & >3 PTAT: SHANINE! He sells in the Online Elite Bull Sale (27th November 2015) and is the highest GTPI bull in the breed ever sold in a public auction! More info!    Read More

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Successful Sheray's pictured at Koning

May 27, 2015 Twin Sheray 2 is working on a great legacy in the herd of Mts. Koning, Sheray 2 was purchased in the Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale as a young calf and now scored VG-85-NL 3yr., having several sons in AI and a great legacy of high genomic daughters at Mts. Koning like Supersire Savanna, the #3 GTPI heifer in Europe with GTPI +2588 / PTAT +2.13, Cashcoin Sharon and many others!    Read More

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De Koning breeds #1 GTPI heifer in Europe

April 2, 2014 The April index run was a huge success for Mts. De Koning from the Netherlands, they bred the new official #1 GTPI heifer in Europe with the Supersire dtr Supersire Sheray 5851 with GTPI +2580! Her dam is the Superstition daughter Twin Sheray 2 which was purchased through the Eurogenes Heifer Sale and did a great job in the barn of de Koning, she produced some high ranking sons as well! She is out of the UFM-Dubs Sheray cow family.   Read More

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New picture Twin Sheray 2

November 11, 2013 The current #3 GTPI Superstition daughter in Europe (GTPI +2217), Twin Sheray 2, have been pictured again. She was purchased by de Koning from the Netherlands in the EG Online Heifer Sale in 2012 and stems from the deep American cow family of UFM-Dubs Eroy which also delivered Esquire, Goldroy and the former #1 RZG bull Maxim in Germany! Her Supersire son Koning SHEARMAN with GTPI +2315 sells in the Online Elite Bull Sale which starts tomorrow and will finish on Friday, November the 15th through www.onlinebullsale.com    Read More

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