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RED & POLLED Lucia's at Dijs

December 16, 2015 The Canadian Delaberge cow family has one of their most interesting branches in France, developed at the farm of SCL Dijs with some huge Red & Polled descendents. Under Which Intra-P-Red comes from the Dijs Lucia's, he is still around +2327 GTPI what makes him one of the highest Red & Polled available bulls in the World. His dam, Dijs Jcolt *RC *PO VG-87-FR 2yr. still belongs to one of the highest Polled cows in Europe and is from the same family as Shocker, Crater Isy, Pepper & more.   Read More

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Herd average at SCL Dijs now VG-85,6

April 21, 2015 Great new classifications at SCL Dijs in France, the 25 2yr. olds averaging > VG-85 and the complete herd scores VG-85,6 average! One of the highlights was the fantastic fresh Numero Uno daughter Roccafarm DG Breyuno. Her mother is the transmitting giant Ven Dairy Mac Breesh, a cow with numerous sons in AI, high classifying daughters in different countries and dam to show winners, she is going back to the Barbie cow family!    Read More

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DIJS R Spicy from the Rita's 1st at the SIA Paris

March 2, 2015 SCL Dijs sold Dijs R Spicy as a 2yr. old to Ferme Morel from France. Spicy was Res. Int. Champion at the Challenge France 2014 and last week she won haar klasse (3rd lactation cow). Spicy is a Mitey P from an EX-91 Bolton out of the Willemshoeve Rita cow family.    Read More

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RED & POLLED BULL with GTPI +2350!

December 12, 2014 The interesting Red and Polled genes from the Delaberge family are coming available for the world through a RED and POLLED GTPI +2350 bull going to Semex. This RC & P Brekem son is bred by SCL Dijs from France and is from the very interesting polled source Dijs Jcolt *P VG-87-FR 2yr., the former #3 GTPI Polled heifer in Europe and with high polled offspring at Dijs, such as her *RC & PO Supersire dtr Sky with GTPI +2367!    Read More

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DIJS Lauria Grand Champion at Sommet d'Elevage 2014!

October 7, 2014 DIJS Lauria is in the winning mood, after she is fresh in her 2nd lactation she was Res. Grand Champion at the National SPACE show and last week she won the highest honour, Grand Champion, at the Sommet d'Elevage Show 2014! Lauria is combined ownership with Ferme Morel and comes from a deep Canadian cow family. Read more about this special young cow.    Read More

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Polled top donors at Dijs classified

August 13, 2014 Some interesting polled top donors from SCL Dijs from France are scored last week, the average of all classications was VG-85,1! One of the highlights is DIJS Jcolt PO which scored VG-87-FR 2yr.! She is a Polled Colt P going back on the Delaberge Durham Lucille cow family from Canada and is the dam of Lot 1 in the Vente Drakkar next week. A Polled Supersire dtr which is one of the highest flush age polled heifers in the breed, not sired by a Polled bull. More information www.drakkarholsteins.com   Read More

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EXCELLENT 91 for Dijs Remely, from the Rita's

April 28, 2014 Dijs Remely from SCL Dijs from France has been scored EX-91 with EX-92 for her udder! She is a daughter of Bolton out of the famous Willemshoeve Rita cow family. Remely's first daughter already won the Reserve Intermediate title at the "Challenge France Week" earlier this year.    Read More

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Polled toppers at SCL Dijs

April 22, 2014 Dijs Jcolt *PO belongs to the highest Polled heifers from her generation. She is a Colt P daughter out of a Jeeves dam, her 4th dam is the Canadian top brood cow Delaberge Durham Lucille EX-93-CAN, also the foundation cow behind the heavily used Mogul son Delaberge Pepper. Jcolt now delivers the next generation of World Class Polled animals through some high ranking dtrs by Supersire and Oak.   Read More

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Results National Holsteins Show Paris SIA 2014

February 25, 2014 Yesterday the National Holstein Show(SIA)  in Paris took place where Instinct daughter, Bonheur crowned Grand Champion! Reserve Grand Champion was the Talent daughter Pebi Craxy owned by Earl Peberot, Gaec Benaiteau & Gallard Alexandre. A very early daughter of Detox, MM Dijs Lauria owned by Eurogenes member SCL Dijs won her class at the Jr. 2-Yr. Olds while Eurogenes member Drakkar Holsteins took a 5th place with DKR Britny. Click further for the complete results.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Delaberge Durham Lucille EX-93-CAN 2E 5*
Dijs breeds Polled Top Heifer!

February 13, 2014 Dijs Sky *RC *P belongs to the highest Polled & Red Carrier heifers in the breed with GTPI +2323! Sky is a dtr of Supersire and stems from a famous Canadian cow family. Her dam Dijs Jcolt *P is a Top 25 GTPI Polled heifer in Europe and goes back on the Canadian Delaberge Lucille cow family. Lucille her grand sons are the high Mogul sons Delaberge Pepper and Sale at Genervations, she is also the cow behind bulls like Shocker at Semex, Synchyme at CRV and Cater ISY in France!   Read More

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