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Harlinda wins French National Show (SIA) in Paris

February 26, 2019 Du Louvoin Harlinda won the French National Show yesterday for the second time! She was also Grand Champion at the National French Show in 2017 and this year she showed again her strength and won the Grand Champion. Previously Harlinda won Grand Champion @ Ath by Night in 2015 and took the 2nd place in her section @ Swiss Expo Lausanne '16. Her dam was also succesfull in the past with winning Res. Champion 2-Yr. Old @ the SIA Paris in 2011. Harlinda is from the same family as the SUPREME Champion Swiss Expo 2017: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH and well-known sire Hunostar @ Genes Diffusion. The Red and White show was won by Du Louvoin Hawaï, who was also the Intermediate Champion R&W at the European Championship in Colmar 2016. Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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Fresh Tango- & Hora dtrs pictured at Elevage Leroy

March 23, 2017 Fresh 2yr. old's sired by Tango and Hora have recently been pictured at the farm of Elevage Leroy in France. Tango daughter JK Eder Silly 2 has an outcross sire stack as a Tango x Bookem, followed by the former #1  GTPI cow from Europe: All.Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL. LL Jora is the Hora daughter out of the former #1 ISU heifer and former #3 PTAT heifer in Europe: DKR Gold Chip Chips, her dam is a Mac from Ralma Christmas Cookie. Click further for the pictures and pedigree information.   Read More

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New picture SIA Grand Champion HARLINDA!

March 16, 2017 Going from strength to strength: Du Louvion Harlinda (owned by: EARL Lepoint, F. Vherille et Fabrice Leroy), she won already multiple shows, but her most recent victory was her biggest so far: the Grand Championship at the SIA in Paris 2017! Harlinda is a Gold Chip x Pagewire x Boss Iron going back on Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA! Watch her newest picture here, taken after her big win in Paris!   Read More

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Picture Du Louvion Harlinda VG-89-FR 3yr.

February 25, 2016 One of the greatest cows in France at this moment is Du Louvion Harlinda VG-89-FR 3yr. from Elevage Leroy, she was Grand Champion Ath By Nigh 2015 and 2nd in her class at the Swiss Expo in Lausanne 2016!! Halrinda is a Gold Chip going back on the incredible brood cow Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA, dam of Durham!   Read More

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Topper from Silly pictured

August 5, 2015 JK Eder DG Silly 2 has recently been pictured at the farm of Elevage Leroy. Silly is a beautiful Tango daughter with a great index (GTPI +2355 / PTAT +2.33) and carries a different sire stack with Tango x Bookem x All.Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL, the former #1 GTPI Cow in Europe. Also pictured that day is LL Jora, daughter of the former #1 ISU Heifer in France, DKR Gold Chip Chips and going back on the Ralma Juror Faith cow family.   Read More

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Gaec Leroy’s newest flushing donors

July 29, 2015 Gaec Leroy from France has recently purchased new donors from one of the best cow families in the World, the Larcrest Cosmopolitan’s and the Barbie cow family. Al.Be.Ro. DG Cossy is the +155 RZG and +194 President daughter from Roccafarm Beacon Chrissy VG-87-NL 2yr., whose dam is the maternal sister to Larcrest Cosmopolitan herself! Rocca-DG Beauty is a beautiful and fresh Numero Uno dtr from Ven Dairy Breesh, one of the very best Mac dtrs in the World, which goes back on Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA. Both will be in flushing program soon.   Read More

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Kevrel Shottle May family delivers HUGE top bull Milford P

June 19, 2015 One of the hottest new mating sires is Regancrest Milford P, one of the highest Polled bulls in the breed on GTPI (+2390) and RZG (150). Milford P is a grand son of the fantastic Shottle-daughter Kevrel Shottle May EX-94-USA which has some very interesting progeny in Europe at Watermolen Holsteins, Aghavilly Holsteins, Elevage Leroy, Diamond Genetics & BB Holsteins! Check for more info on Milford P and more family members.    Read More

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French breeder of the Year 2014: l'Elevage Leroy (Louvion)

January 12, 2015 l'Elevage Leroy Louvion won the title of BREEDER OF THE YEAR 2014 in France. Watch for a video and more information of this prestigious title!   Read More

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New on Eurogenes: ELEVAGE LEROY

September 25, 2014 New on Eurogenes is Elevage Leroy from France. Well known as home to the famous Winston-dtr Lux Elf which won the SIA 2013 in Paris. Lately ELEVAGE LEROY invested in some of the breeds most interesting heifers like the former #1 GISU heifer in France DKR Gold Chip Chips, a top ranking RZG Galaxy dtr out of the Canadian Snowbiz program and more!    Read More

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