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Roccafarm Iota Barbara VG-88-NL 3yr.

(Iota x Shottle)

Iota grand daughter of Barbie herself!


De Volmer Holsteins
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Reg No.



February 2, 2012

Production Records

2.00 389d 11.679kgM 4.6% 537F 3.6% 420P
3.04 (Proj) 305d 12.591kgM 4.7%F 3.6%P


88FR 89DS 89MS 85FL / VG-88-NL 3yr.

Genomic Result

US 04/14 GTPI +2074 / NM $ 454 / PTAT +2.87 [ Details ]


  • Grand daughter of the one and only Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA!!
  • Her mother was Intermediate Champion, IA State Fair '08
  • Dam is full sister to the Proven bull Rengancrest BRAXTON
  • Dam is full sister to Regancrest Breya VG-88-USA 2yr., dam to Regancrest Bradnick
  • Dam is full sister to Regancrest Brasilia EX-92-USA, sold for $1.500.000 in a package!
  • Same family as the heavily popular bulls Colt 45, Gold Chip, Cashcoin, Cashmoney and more!


Regancrest AltaIOTA-ET
Regancrest Barbara EX-92-USA
2.02 365d 14.492kgM 3.7% 539F 3.4% 498P
4.06 365d 15.794kgM 3.7% 589F 3.4% 538P
  • 1st Sr. 2-Year-Old, IA State Fair 2008
  • Res. Int. Champion, IA State Fair 2008
  • Full sister to Regancrest Brasilia EX-92, Breya VG-88 and more!
Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA GMD DOM 6*
2-06 365d 14.374kgM 3.9% 561F 3.3% 476P
  • The one and only Barbie!
  • HM All-American Jr 3-Yr-Old Cow 2004
  • Foundation cow behind Brokaw, Gold Chip, Cashcoin, Capital Gain & More
Regancrest Elton DURHAM
Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92-USA GMD
2.06 365d 13.649kgM 3.5% 479F 3.1% 425P
4.04 365d 18.434kgM 3.6% 670F 3.0% 552P
  • Full sister to Regancrest Juror Bond

Next Dams

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6th Regancrest Board Chairman Bea EX-90-USA
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