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WEH 22672

(Riveting x Outlast x Missouri)

#35 NET MERIT heifer >9 months in Europe!! (08/20)


WEH Holsteins
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Reg No.



October 30, 2019

Genomic Result

US 04/21 GTPI +2782 / NM $ 711 / PTAT +0.45 [ Details ]


  • #35 NET MERIT heifer >9 months in Europe at 728 NM$!! (08/20)
  • Full sister to WEH Gladis (+2873 GTPI) sold for 7.500 @ Die Auktion 2020
  • Same family as: WEH Gamma VG-86-DE 2yr. (s. Mr Puma) - sold for 6.500 EUR
  • Same family as SHA Guave (s. Benz) sold for 100.000 EUR!
  • Deep German cow family!


WEH Galaxy
  • +2621 GTPI Outlast daughter! (04/20)
  • Riveting daughter sold for 7.500 EUR in die Auktion 2020
WEH Goldengirl VG-85-DE 2yr.
1/1La 305d 10.814kgM 4.1% 448F 3.4% 371P
View-Home Day MISSOURI
WEH Gini VG-85-DE VG-86-MS 2yr.
3/3La 305d 13.346kgM 4.6% 607F 3.5% 465P
HL2 305d 15.037kgM 4.3% 641F 3.3% 490P
  • >1000kg combined Fat + Protein

Next Dams

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5th WEH Grazia VG-86-DE 2yr.
6th WEH Galina VG-88-DE
7th Gale EX-90-DE
8th Schleif Southwind Gale EX-90-USA DOM
9th Schleif Melwood Dynasty Gayle EX-90-USA DOM
10th Schleif Bova Dove Dynasty VG-86-USA
11th Schleif Angel Lad Dove EX-91-USA
12th Schleif Faith Supreme Angel VG-85-USA

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