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WEH 22799

(Copyright x Yoda x Kerrigan)

#24 GTPI female in the November '20 int. run!


WEH Holsteins
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Reg No.



August 16, 2020

Genomic Result

US 12/20 GTPI +2788 / NM $ 628 / PTAT +1.55 [ Details ]


  • #24 GTPI female in the November '20 int. run!
  • +2811 GTPI / +644 NM$ / +1.49 PTAT - November 2020
  • Super sire stack: Copyright x Yoda x Kerrigan x Balisto x Lexor!
  • Benz sister to dam - WEH Lady Like sold @ GMS'18!
  • 6th dam is the full sister to the Italian dtr proven sire: MINCIO!


WEH 14426
  • Benz sister (WEH Lady Like) sold @ GMS'18!
  • Huge component heifer: +0.06% Fat & +0.04% Protein! (08/20)
WEH Kerrigan Lucia VG-86-DE 2yr.
La1 305d 13.612kgM 3.7% 498F 3.4% 456P
  • Frazzled son @ Masterrind
  • Achiever son @ Viking Genetics
  • Dam to Wendland Holsteins Yonder @ Masterrind (+152 RZG) (08/20)
Westcoast KERRIGAN
WEH Lucy VG-86-DE VG-87-MS La2
La1 305d 9.747kgM 3.7% 365F 3.4% 333P
La2 305d 10.505kgM 3.6% 382F 3.5% 366P
  • She is with +151 RZG the highest Balisto dtr in Germany and @ top 3 in the Kuhtopliste
  • Her Classy daughter WEH Lena (+154 RZG) is the top 10 German RZG cows

Next Dams

4th DG Scream & Shout VG-85-DE VG-MS 2yr.
5th Bertaiola Alexander Lidia VG-88-NL 4yr.
6th Bertaiola Bolton Lidia *TY VG-86-NL 2yr
7th Bel Iron Irene EX-90-IT
8th Bel Mtoto Elisa VG-85-IT
9th Bel Astre Unforgettable EX-91-IT
10th Bel Mark Susanne VG-89-IT
11th Bel Inspiration Pamy VG-85-IT
12th Ronchi Mars Pamela EX-91-IT
13th Ronchi King Paloma VG-86-IT
14th Ronchi Ultimate Ciquite VG-85-IT

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