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Crosewick 28
48691 Vreden, Germany



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Wilder Fun NC
(Jedi x Silver x Fanatic)
Top ranking cow in Europe! (04/19)
Dam: Wilder Wonne VG-85-DE
(Kerrigan x Balisto)
RZG +157 / RZE 139 x To-Mar Wayne Hay family!
Wilder Finale VG-88-DE
(Modesty x Jedi x SIlver)
Huge gTPI heifer with +2787 gTPI!
Regan-ALH Blvr Divina VG-87-USA
(Klutch x Rubicon x Cashcoin)
#43 GTPI Calf in Europe! (04/19)
Dam: Huhne Cremona
(King Doc x Beemer x Atwood)
King Doc with +3.75 PTAT (02/19)
Regan-ALH Blvr Divina VG-87-USA
(Rubicon x Cashcoin x Numero Uno)
Top ranking NET MERIT Cow in Europe! (08/19)
Ralma Durham Fireball EX-92-USA GMD DOM
(Kenobi x Modesty x Supershot)
#41 NET MERIT Calf <9 months in Europe! (08/19)


Mat. brother: Wilder KANU P-RED @ Semex
(Brekem x Snowman)
Dam to the #5 RZG R&W Bull in Germany!
3rd dam: Wilder Kairo 55 *RC VG-89-DE
(Battlecry x Brekem x Snowman)
RZG +156 - RED CARRIER & Flush age!
Dam: Wilder Kylie-Red VG-86-DE
(Supershot x Ladd P x Snowman)
Sister to LASER PP RED @ RUW
Wilder Kanu 111 *RC VG-88-DE
(Snowman x Shottle)
Dam to KANU P-RED!
4th dam: Wilder Kairo 55 *RC VG-89-DE
(Salvatore *RC x Battlecry x Brekem *RC)
Mat. brother: Wilder KANU P-RED @ Semex
(Charl x Salvatore *RC x Brekem *RC)
Top ranking GTPI RED CARRIER in Europe!


Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Jedi x Saloon x Snowman)
GTPI +2750 from OUTCROSS maternal line
Wilder Herz P VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Superhero x Powerball-P x Saloon)
GTPI +2672 & POLLED!! #1 POLLED in Europe
Wilder Holiday-P
(Superhero x Powerball-P x Saloon)
POLLED & RZG +148!!
Wilder Honig VG-86-DE
(Euclid x Lineman x Saloon)
RZG +159 / GTPI +2678 Euclid daughter
Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE
(Pledge x Modena x Saloon)
Close to 2700 GTPI / RZG +156 & RZE +144!!
Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Superstar x Modena x Saloon)
No hole Superstar daughter from an outcross line
Wilder Hilly VG-86-DE
(Modena x Saloon)
Super transmitter from the Kora family
Wilder Honig VG-86-DE
(Lineman x Saloon)
Super complete index from Kora family
Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Modena x Saloon)
Sister to Wilder Hektor (GTPI +2676)!
Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE
(Hotspot P x Superhero x Powerball-P)
Top raning gTPI heifer in Europe! (02/19)
Dam: Wilder Herz P
(Superhero x Powerball-P x Saloon)
#22 GTPI Cow in Europe! (04/19)
Grand dam: Wilder Herz P VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Roland x Superhero x Powerball-P)
#35 NM$ & #40 GTPI Calf in Europe! (08/19)
Wilder Honig VG-87-DE
(Euclid x Lineman x Saloon)
#32 GTPI Cow in Europe! (08/19)


Wilder Kati
(Superhero x Penley x Jabir)
RZG +164 & Top 10 GTPI Superhero dtr!
Wilder Mond
(Kerrigan x Supershot x Picanto)
Top ranking RZG Kerrigan dtr
Wilder Mond VG-87-DE
(Supershot x Picanto x Shamrock)
High Supershot dtr in various systems!
Wilder Melle VG-86-DE
(Boss x Shamrock)
Sister to Gasmoter @ RUW
Dam: Wilder Mayn
(Yoda x Supershot x Picanto)
Chart topping Yoda daughter! (01/19)


Apina Massia 102 EX-90-NL
(Mission P x Apoll P x Brekem)
RZG +158 & RED from the Massia's!
Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-87-NL
(Apoll P x Brekem x Snowman)
RED & POLLED - RZG +147 - Massia's
Apina Massia 21 EX-90-NL
(Mega-Watt x Brekem x Snowman)
RED with RZG +151 & huge fitness traits!
Wilder Smile Red VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Brekem x Snowman x Shottle)
Former #1 RZG R&W Heifer in Germany!
Wilder Sahne *RC VG-85-DE 2yr.
(Perfect Aiko x Snowman x Shottle)
The Apina Massia cow family
Wilder Coco P-Red GP-DE VG-85-MS 2yr.
(Perfect Aiko x Colt P)
Dam to Wilder BORN *RC *P - RZG +155
Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-87-NL
(Imax x Profit x Brekem *RC)
+2687 GTPI Red Carrier IMAX!! (08/19)
Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
(Agro x Profit x Brekeme *RC)
Argo with >2600 gTPI and +2.34 PTAT! (04/19)

Wilder Holsteins is owned by Norbert & Hermann Holtkamp in Germany. The Wilder herd is one of the most interesting herds from Germany with many high offspring from very successful cow families, such as the home bred Wilder Meta family, Batke Outside Kora family which deloped in one of the greatest and strongest transmitting cow families at Wilder Holsteins. One of the most famous cow families from the Holtkamp family, is the Wilder K family, the foundation family behind: Wilder Kanu P-Red @ Semex!

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