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#1 GTPI Delta-Lambda heifer in Europe with >2.80 UDC sells!

October 18, 2022 Roncadelli Delta-Lambda Olimpi reaches the SKY!! This Farnear Delta-Lambda daughter scores +3011 GTPI in her US index in combination with +2.60 PTAT and >2.80 UDC, that makes her the #1 GTPI Delta-Lambda heifer in EUROPE! Furthermore she has in her US-index: +988kgM with positive components, +1.7 DPR and +934 NM$. Her dam is Hermanville Dashe, she is a Resolve daughter and dam to Peak Break Even (+2961 GTPI) @ Genex, Peak AltaChavo (+2913 GTPI) @Alta and Peak AltaTrackster @Alta. She is out of Hermanville Yoder 4762-TW, she is a Yoder daughter from a new upcoming American cow family for the GTPI branch and is going back on Jolt Daisy EX-94-USA, she was Grand Champion Iowa State Show 2011. Olimpi will be sold this friday at the German Masters Sale 2022 in absentee! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Gorgeous RED&WHITE O'Kalibra offspring at JK Eder Holsteins!

October 18, 2022 A new superstar arrived at JK Eder Holsteins in the Netherlands! She is a descendant from the famous Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra EX-97-CH cow family and her name is Wilcor Attraction O'Kina Red! This Attraction-Red daughter is out of Wilcor Awesome O'Kamera RC EX-90-DE EX-91-MS, she was 2nd​ Jr. 3yr. old at the German Dairy Show 2019. O'Kamera EX-90 is straight out of the well-known GS Alliance Sid O'Kamila *RC EX-90-DE. She is the Sid daughter straight out of O'Kalibra EX-97-CH and sold during the Masterrind Exclusive Sale '15 for 35.000 EUR. O'Kamila *RC EX-90 is maternal sister to GS Alliance Knowledge O'Katanga *RC EX-94-CH, she was 1st at the Swiss Expo 2019. Both sisters are straight out of the European Champion '13 & 3x Grand Champion Swiss Expo '15, '13 & '12: Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra *RC EX-97-CH!! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Homozygote POLLED heifer with +151 RZG could be yours!

October 17, 2022 Lot 19. in the German Masters Sale 2022, October the 21nd, is Prismagen Giallina PP! This PrismaGen Sono P *RC daughter scores +151 RZG in Germany! She has a super complete index: +118 RZGesund / +2209 RZEuro / +144 RZM / >1200kg Milk / BB and postive components. Her dam is Simon P daughter KNS Grace PP, she is dam to a Star P son @Phönix/RUW and a Star P daughter @Phönix Donorhotel. Giallina PP her grand dam has more than 10 sons and grandsons in International A.I. studs including Dyson PP @ Masterrind.  Click further for more info.   Read More

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Successfull Dairy Grand Prix for Schönhof Holsteins

October 17, 2022 2 weeks ago had Schönhof Holsteins an amazing weekend with winning multiple titles at the Dairy Grand Prix in Austria. In the first class with Jerseys became Shakira (s. Tequila) first in her class and became later that day Honorable Mention Grand Champion. The next day became in the 5th class with 2nd lactation Holstein cows Fitz daughter SCH Debra 2nd in her class. Big success for classwinner Schönhof Goldrock Mercedes EX-90-IT in the older cow class, she won also the ribbon for best Bred & Owned and became Reserve Senior Champion. She became in the finals Honorable Mention Grand Champion Dairy Grand Prix Austria 2022. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Replacement lot German Masters: Lambda grand dtr of Velvet

October 15, 2022 Due to an invalid DNA-card, Lot 1. in the German Masters Sale 2022 has been replaced. Now selling is a Delta-Lambda x VG-85-CAN VG-86-MS 2yr. Unix (which has been shown successfully at World Dairy Expo) x Ms Beautys Black Velvet EX-95-USA!! Velvet is the 1st Mature Cow and H.M. Senior Champion of the World Dairy Expo 2022! As well she is the Bred & Owned Champion of the entire show!! A rare opportunity, don't miss out! Click further for the complete catalogue page.   Read More

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Extra lot German Masters Sale: MAS embryos x Maple's full sister

October 14, 2022 An exciting additonal lot in the German Masters Sale 2022 line-up: Lot 153. 4 FEMALE embryos by Mutually Agreeable Sire (MAS) of the full sister to Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2022 between B&W's: Blondin Unstopabull Maple-Red VG-88-CAN 2yr. Auchensala Unstopabull Mojito-Red offers you the ticket to the coloured shavings, an unique offering in Europe! Don't miss out! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Again a great milk year for Giessen Holsteins!

October 14, 2022 Giessen Holsteins (Theo van Vliet) had again an incredible 'milk' year! Giessen Holsteins is again the number 1 production herd from the province Drenthe for the milk registration year 2021 - 2022. We find Giessen Holsteins also on the 12th spot from the Netherlands! The herd avarage from 2021-2022: 13.477kgM / cow / year with 4,22% fat, 3,40% protein and 1.027kg combinated Fat + Protein, a super achievement!  Also the 14 2yr. olds scored an average of VG-87,1 with VG-87,3 for udders! This makes Giessen Holsteins the #3 TYPE in the Netherlands. An rare combination, congrats to the Van Vliet family with this huge accomplishment!! The #1 TYPE herd is Bons-Holsteins! 12 2yr. olds scored an average of VG-87,8 with VG-88,1 Mammary Systems. Furthermore on place #16 we find van der Eijk Holsteins. They classified this year 12 2yr. olds with an average of VG-86,2. Click further to read more.   Read More

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Extra lot German Masters Sale: IVF session of 3103 GTPI donor

October 12, 2022 A worldclass additional lot has been added to the German Masters Sale, Lot 152. An IVF session from Danhof GD Geiles Gerät - the #1 NET MERIT $ and #2 GTPI female in Europe at +3103 GTPI and +1182 Net Merit $, a huge production index with high components, she is A2A2, tops as well in her Swiss index and comes from the fantastic Schillview T Glamour EX-91-USA 2E DOM family! Click further for the complete catalogue page.   Read More

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Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-94-USA: watch her King Doc daughter!

October 12, 2022 The successful Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-94-USA EX-95-MS is one of the hottest cows from the last decade. She is dam to the World Classic Sale topseller: Aristocrat, Armageddon (+3.03 PTAT) @Ai-Total and the amazing type sire: NG DG Arrow (+3.00 PTAT / +2697 GTPI) @Ai-Total. Ashley EX-94-USA has multiple gorgeous daughters, like: DG Crushabull Atlantis VG-87-CH 3yr. She is a Crushabull daughter straight out of Ashley EX-94 and was 2yr. old Champion Expo Bulle 2022. Or the full sister to NH DG Arrow: DG NH Aschley VG-88-FR 3yr.. she is a very promising King Doc daughter and was 2nd in her class at the Space Show, Rennes 2022. She is also dam to JB Toullec The Alps (+2648 GTPI / +3.38 PTAT) @ABS and JBT Aschi (+2670 GTPI / +3.50 PTAT) @ Ascol. At the German Masters Sale 2022 is it your chance on a familymember of this amazing family. Her Aot Hullabaloo daughter sells as Lot 69. JB Toullec Ashlloo! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Great classification & show results for Dueholm Breeding!

October 12, 2022 Dueholm Breeding had last week a great week with an amazing classification round and a great Kimbrerskuet show. They took home 8 Champion & Reserve Champion titles with B&W and R&W Holstein cows and Jerseys and became 2nd with their herdgroup. German Masters Sale 2021 purchase Colton Esperanza is last week classified with EX-93-DK and became last friday Intermediate Champion Jersey! Esperanza EX-93-DK is straight out of 3 generations EXCELLENT dams and grand daughter to the H.M. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2020: Extreme Electra EX-95-USA. Another classification highlight was for Mox Undenied Blueberry, she received the maximum score: EX-91-DK with EX-96 for her amazing Mammary System. She is a Undenied daughter straight out of Sanchez daughter Mox Bluestar EX-92-DE, tracing back to the Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA GMD DOM family. Click further to read more.   Read More

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