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Impressive MEDLEY daughters at Broeklander!

June 3, 2021 A very impressive group of 2-Yr Olds sired by ABS MEDLEY has been pictured at Broeklander Holsteins recently. The cover girl of the current Heemskerk / ABS bullchart: JK Eder Evalyn 1 VG-87-NL 2yr. has a unique offering in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale! For sale are Denovo 16241 CHANDLER embryos which guarantee for a Parent Average of +2823 GTPI / +726 NM$ and positive compontents. Furthermore herdmate Broeklander Medley Queen VG-85-NL 2yr. has been pictured. She goes back on NH Massey Queengirl VG-85-NL 2yr. - sold for 67.000 EUR and dam to the 1st CH. son who sold for 92.00 EUR. The Medley daughter of Dukefarm Mon Deloria VG-85-NL La2. - former top 5 GTPI female in Europe is projected with >11.000kgM and 3.49% PROTEIN as a 2-Yr Old and is a 2-Yr Old every dairy farmer prefers to have in his herd! Click further for the amazing pictures of these three outstanding Medley daughters.   Read More

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Flyer Holland Masters Sale 'LIVE Online Sale'

June 3, 2021 The flyer of the Holland Masters Sale 'LIVE Online Sale' is available! This sale will be held July 9th at 8:30 P.M. (Dutch-time) as an ONLINE LIVE SALE! We can show you the very first great consignments but are still looking for heifers and calves to sell in this special edition. You can consign your heifer now for this auction till June 11th through the contact persons mentioned in the flyer. Click further for the flyer.   Read More

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BIG TIME Show embryos from the Adeen's

June 3, 2021 It's your chance on BIG TIME Show embryos forom the ADEEN'S by van der Eijk Anya 3 VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. This high scored 2-Yr Old her dam is the full sister to the former #1 PTAT sire in the breed: ARCHRIVAL and scored VG-87-NL as a 2-Yr Old. Dam her full sister is grand dam to the reigning Junior Champion Swiss Expo: H.Tobias AM Solomon Adena. Anya 3 her FEMALE Farnear DELTA-LAMBDA (+2749 GTPI / +2.58 PTAT) embryos are for sale as lot 6 in the Online Embryo Sale. Bid last on this great lot! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Top UDDER (UDC) females in Europe - April 2021

June 2, 2021 The intriguing list about the top ranking UDDER females based on the trait UDC of the American GTPI index is now available! In relation to the former proofs there are some little changes comparing it to the top 3. Again the #1 UDC female is the #1 PTAT female in the WORLD: SHG Avalanche Liv *RC at +3.70 UDC. She traces back to the great brood- & show cow: Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX-95-CAN. At the second spot we find an Italian Discjockey daughter at +3.58 UDC. In third we find an Allclass daughter from a McCutchen dam at +3.54 UDC, either from Italy. At the 6th spot, we find another Discjockey daughter: Toc-Farm Discjockey Antea at +3.31 UDC. She traces back to the great transmitter & show cow: Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-96-IT.  This family also brought Bel Doorman Zita VG-89-DE EX-MS La2. - Junior Champion Swiss Expo 2017. Click further for the complete list.   Read More

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First part snapshots Online VENTE La Brasserie Holstein

June 2, 2021 The first part of the snapshots of the great heifers selling in the Online VENTE La Brasserie Holstein are ONLINE! Direct daughters of cows like: KHW Regiment Apple EX-96, Weeks Dundee Anika EX-97, Co-Vale Dempsey Dina EX-96, Jacobs Goldwyn Lisamaree EX-94 and Meadow Green Absolute Fanny-Red EX-96 will be for sale! This ONLINE Sale can be attended through WWW.LIVEDAIRYAUCTION.COM and will run from Thursday June 10 till Saturday June 12. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Hanna-Vray her first CRUSHTIME daughter fresh!!

May 31, 2021 The reigning Udder & Reserve Grand Champion Swiss Expo: Hanna-Vray EX-95-CH EX-97-MS her first COL DG CRUSHTIME daughter is fresh!! Mattenhof Crushtime Helena calved at 1 year and 10 months and already scored VG-85 as a 2-Yr Old in Switzerland. Her full sister sold through the German Masters Sale 2019 to the United Kingdom. Consign your very best now for the German Masters Sale 2021. Click further for more info.   Read More

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The very first embryos to sell from SILVESTER

May 31, 2021 A rare offering in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale! The very first embryos to sell from the EXCELLENT Silver daughter: JK Eder DG Silvester sired by the extremely popular Farnear DELTA-LAMBDA (+2749 GTPI / +2.58 PTAT)!! Silvester is a great-grand daugther to the former #1 GTPI Cow in Europe and World Wide contracted cow: All.Nure Baxter Silvy EX-90-NL EX-MS 5yr. She is projected with >10.000kgM in combination with 4.11% PROTEIN!! She either guarantees for still +2584 GTPI and +469 NET MERIT as a 5-Yr Old. Don't miss this special opportunity from this oustanding indivudual! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Online Embryo Sale OPEN for bidding

May 28, 2021 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale opened for bidding a couple minutes ago. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example the very first FEMALE Delta-Lambda embryos of JK Eder DG Silvester EX-90-NL 5yr., FEMALE Siemers STARS *RC of a +3.07 PTAT / +12 Conf. Altitude-Red great-grand daughter to Apple-Red, exclusively FEMALE Denovo 16241 CHANDLER embryos of JK Eder Evalyn 1 VG-87-NL 2yr. (cover girl ABS / Heemskerk bullchart) and many herdbuilding packages starting at just time 75 EUR / embryo. Click further for the complete offering.   Read More

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JK Eder DG King Doc Elise scores VG-88-NL 2yr.!!

May 27, 2021 The promising 2-Yr Old: JK Eder DG King Doc Elise has earned a new scoring of VG-88-NL 2yr. with VG-88 Mammary System!!! Her dam is a VG-85 Brady daughter (Atwood son from the Regancrest Barbie family) from a VG-87 Doorman dam x VG-88 Numero Uno followed by the QUEEN: Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL!! Her dam is the maternal sister to reigning 2-Yr Old Champion Hoornaar Show, the MAX-scored JK Eder DG Byway Eliza VG-89-NL 3yr. (MAX). This family breeds so consistent en shows this to several barns all around Europe. Click further to read more about this great young cow.   Read More

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BREAKING NEWS on the Willsbro Spring Sale

May 27, 2021 The WILLSBRO HOLSTEINS herd is one of the best in the world with almost 1.500 cows averaging 13.576kgM 4.2%F 3.2%P equating to over 1.000kgs of combined fat + protein per cow! This special group has been carefully selected and have all been genomic assessed. This is the BEST to sell from this special herd to date. Selling are 45 COWS & HEIFERS IN MILK, 85 HEIFER CALVES, 2 BULLS & 39 EMBRYOS PACKAGES. PLEASE ORDER YOUR CATALOGUE TODAY or connect with someone from the sale staff. Click further for more info.   Read More

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