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Fancy RED Warrior from the Meggilee family sells tonight!

November 27, 2020 Batouwe Holsteins (Fam. Bakker) and Roubos Holsteins are selling tonight the lovely R&W Heifer R&B WR Meggilee Red in the Vost Select Sale. It's Lot 47 in the sale, a beautiful show heifer by Mr. Blondin Warrior-Red from the German RH Meggilee's, a guarantee for success, one of the numerous famous examples from this family obviously is RH Maxima EX-94-DE! Click further for a video of Lot 47 and for snapshot pictures of her dam ViG My Love who is just fresh and looks great!   Read More

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2 heifers for SHG Breeding in November PTAT (TYPE) Top 15

November 27, 2020 The November European genomic intermediate run was a great one for Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding from Denmark with 2 heifers in the Top 15 for PTAT. A lovely showy Alligator daughter (SHG Alligator Brittney) with PTAT +3.03 (Conf. +15 in Canada), Brittney goes back on the multiple Grand Champion and All-Canadian (Nom.) cow Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-CAN EX-96-MS. Also SHG Sidekick Heaven is a heifer with a great international appeal and mouthwathering pedigree: Sidekick x Brokaw x EX-92 x R-E-W Happy Go Lucky EX-90 (HM. Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2012!   Read More

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HH Jedi Chassy: extreme production power from the Larcrest's..

November 26, 2020 The Larcrest family is known for his health traits and it’s type no wonder with bulls like Outside, Juror and  Inspiration in the back. If we combine these rock solid genetics with the most elite genetics from it’s generation such as Honecrest Elegant,  Badger-Bluff Freddie, Morningview Kingboy and SSI Montross Jedi you bring in production power and type on such a strong base. No wonder you are getting cows such as HH Jedi Chessy who makes a first 305 day lactation of 13.702 with 3,78% fat tand 3,40% protein!! Resulting in 982 kg combined fatt and protein. HH Jedi Chassy is a very nice looking young cow and is expedted to go VG in her first lactation. She is the dam of the  top bull DG Dock Catchy 2817 GTPI / 669NM$. She has now embryos available by Sandy-Valley Moon 2914 GTPI at EUR200,--/embryo. Your change to bring in 6 generation of modern breeding at the lowest cost possible! HH Jedi Chassy if you love the look of good cows but believe they should also milk!

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Click to enlarge - Linge Gold Freaky Girl her FEMALE Farnear DELTA-LAMBDA embryos are for sale!
Online Embryo Sale OPEN for bidding

November 20, 2020 A new edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale is OPEN for BIDDING. Log-in and take a view in the exciting offering with embryos from the hottest sires and greatest families right now! Selling are FEMALE Delta-Lambda embryos from the Intermediate Champion @ Madison, the first embryos to sell from the National R&W Champion: Cecibell 10, great possibillities on the RZG & NVI market with Mars P-Red & Gnarby *RC embryos selling from huge index heifer and much more! Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Lot 44. De Dorre Warrior Laurie Red
Eurogenes members selling at VOST Select Sale

November 20, 2020 Only a few days until the online edition of the VOST Select Sale starts!! Eurogenes members have offer their very best which will open doors for you Friday the 27th of November. Take adventage and bid last on these great lots such as: an Unix from Bons-Holsteins Koba 219 her maternal sister, lovely R&W Warrior-Red from the Meggilee's, +157 RZG Freemax from the Future-Jolane Uno Hay family, +155 RZG Crown-Red backed by the KHW-I Aika Baxter family, Charley Crown at +156 RZG from the Rudy Missy's, Crushtime grand dtr of WI Beemer Felli VG-87-NL 2yr. and much more! Click further to view the complete offering.   Read More

Click to enlarge - MS Apples Uno Armana
MS Apples Uno Armana spreading the Apples through the world

November 19, 2020 The Uno daughter MS Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA has always been in the eye of breed fanatics all over the world. Embryos from her already came to Europe as a heifer. This resulting in the AI Total bull Caps DG Apple Pie who is one of the best daughter proven Red & White GTPI bulls world wide available. In the US we see he two daughters MS AWESOME ATOMIC *RED EX-92-USA and MS PG PV DOORMAN ASPIRE EX-91-USA claiming the highest titles at the shows. The Awesome Red daughter Atomic RED was Grand Champion R&W at the NY State Show. The Doorman daughter Aspire EX-91-USA was Intermediate Champion and Res. Grand Champion at the Western National. In the Netherlands we fine a line through two Halogen daughters resulting in two very promising Acme grand daughters. At Nosbisch Holsteins we find several interesting animals from this line. Maybe Europe’s finest line is Heatherleigh Doorman Armana E sold trough the last Holland Masters Sale and now owned by the Kat/ Wijnker combination who was 2nd in her class at the last National HHH Show. Unfortunately she did never flush very well for her owners but she has a Red Moovin daughter with +3.27 PTAT and some interesting pregnancies on the way. Continue reading...   Read More

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HAM Lynxy fresh @ Upstream Holsteins

November 16, 2020 The Damion Lynx family strikes again, this time in Holland. The fantastic HAM Lynxy is fresh @ Upstream Holsteins and developed herself into a great 2-Yr Old with a lot of potential. She is a Delight daughter x Atwood Lynx VG-88-NL 2yr. X Lylehaven Damion Lynx EX-94-USA. As calf she already looked amazing, sold during the European Masters Sale in Libramont 2019. Her udder looks stunnishing! Not only her type is her quality, she has more. Lynxy is now 4 weeks fresh and produces near to 40kgM a day. We looking forward to hear more from this special cow, and hopefully we see her next year in the showring. Continue reading ...   Read More

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New European Record: Carf Emeraude only cow alive with 6-EX dtrs

November 16, 2020 Carf Emeraude is working hard to put her food print on the European Continent. Being now the only cow alive to have six excellent daughters. These daughters are in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. Her most famous daughter today is JK DG Esmeralda EX-92 who was 6th in her class at the last European Show in Libramont. At the last National Show in the Netherlands there where three daughters showing for three different owners. This is the best promotion a cow can have.. the genetics doing well in different herds under different enrvirnments. Of course lots of credits to the breeders of this phenomonal cow the Cabon Family in France. Today the number of Excellent daughters is 6, there are several VG 2 year olds on the way so the number is not expected to stop at six. If you want to add good certain genetics that work to your herd please contact Jan Kolff at +31 6 53803396 (fluent in English and Dutch).  Currently embryos available by Chief, Mirand PP, Delta-Lamda, Unix and the golden cross: DOORMAN. Continue reading ...   Read More

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FINAL DAY - Eurogenes Embryo Sale - Make your final BIDS NOW!

November 13, 2020 It's already the FINAL DAY of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale - Autumn Edition. Log-In and take advantage of the 17 embryo combinations selling sired by the most popular bulls of this time, like Farnear Delta LAMBDA, Coomboona Zipit Mirand PP RC, AOT Silver HELIX, Blondin THUNDERSTORM, Riverdown UNSTOPABULL RED and more! With prices starting from EUR 100 / embryo! Log-in to view the complete offering.   Read More

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Butz-Butler Gold Barbara wins class @ North American Dairy Show

November 12, 2020 The reigning Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2019: Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-96-USA 3E GMD won the >150.000lbs Production Class at the North American open Dairy Show 2020. A-L-H Baltimore VG-85-DE VG-MS 2yr. sired by Archrival (not available in Europe) and owned by Nosbisch Holsteins traces back via an EX-91-USA 3yr. Doorman to this tremendous cow. Baltimore is projected with >13.200kgM with 3.55% PROTEIN in her 2nd lactation with as well a potential higher score as a 2nd calver! As well Baltimore her daughters are testing up to +3.35 PTAT!! A new chapter of the Barbara cow family starts great at Nosbisch Holsteins from Germany! Continue reading...   Read More

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