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Sister and dam to RUBELS-RED have been photographed!

May 14, 2019 The sister to the #1 R&W GTPI bull in the breed RUBELS-RED: OH DG Agriorio-Red and dam: OH DG Rubellia *RC VG-86-NL 2yr. have been photographed recently.  Agriorio-Red is one of the highest R&W GTPI females in Europe with taking the #5 place in the list and also the former #2 GTPI Agro daughter World Wide! She is CD-Free and notes +2639 GTPI in combination with +2.37 PTAT. OH DG Rubellia *RC is the dam to RUBELS-RED (+2733 GTPI) @ ABS and is making a great 1st list with a production of 322d 10.104kgM 4.7% 475F 3.5% 354P. This family deliverd also the popular R&W bull OH DG Alaska-Red and traces back to Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN, who won Grand @ Madison as a 14 yr. old cow! They don't only have a sky high index but they also look fabulous themselves. Click further for the pictures.    Read More

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Leading in many ways: KNS Flicka *RC

May 13, 2019 She is leading in so many ways this incredible transmitter KNS Flicka *RC. She is dam to Hokovit Fertility (s. Yoda P), he is propably the highest bull ever in the Swiss system with a breeding value of +168 DGZW (fertility index). This value has never been reached in Switzerland till this index run! Flicka is also the dam to Hokovit Prince. One of the very first Charl sons in Europe with +2721 GTPI and +927 NM$!! Also her daughter Hokovit Santorius Sanblack 3 is topping in the Swiss system with +1643 dGWZ ISET with >3000 Milk!!! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Top TYPE embryos from the SHOW family of SPOOKY!

May 13, 2019 In the Eurogenes Online Embryo are FEM. embryos by buyers choice selling by Stone-Front Artist or Duckett Crush Tatoo from Petitclerc Nohl Sally VG-87-FR 2yr. This promising 2yr. Old sired by Archrival (not available in Europe) is straight out the All-Canadian 2014, Res. Int. Champion Montmagny '14, 1st 4yr. Old Trois Rivers Show '17 & 1st Milking 1-Yr Royal '13: Petitclerc Gold Saltamacchia VG-89-CAN 2yr. Sally is the full sister to the Res. Junior Champion Expo Bulle '19 and 1st placed cow Swiss Expo '19: Petitclerc Archrival Salta VG-86-CH VG-88-MS 2yr. Sally her daughters are already making furore, her Undenied dtr tests +4.04 PTAT and her King Doc dtr +3.95 PTAT. Click further fore more info.   Read More

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NEW Online Embryo Sale just started!

May 10, 2019 It's almost weekend and time for a NEW Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. A great way to start your weekend! Make sure you bid last at one of the super packages selling. This sale offers: FEM. King Doc embryos from the Junior Champion Arrar Terre en Fête Show '18: Croquelois Maya-Rose VG-86-FR VG-87-MS 2yr., FEM. Crushabull embryos from Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-89-USA EX-MS - the dam to ARISTOCRAT (+2832 GTPI / +2.73 PTAT), FEM. Upgrade out of the #1 PTAT Cow in Europe from the Adeen's: HC Archrival Arianne VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr., FEM. Jordy-Red of RZH Brescia VG-88-NL, your chance to greate a R&W sister to the Res. Jr. Champion Jr. Expo Bulle '17 and many herdbuilding packages starting at 75 EUR / embryos! Click further for more examples.   Read More

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May indexrun: Chrustime dtr #1 PTAT & 9 Charl dtrs in Top 25 NM!

May 10, 2019 DG HS Nadja delivered another top ranking daughter, this time it's her Medley daughter DG HS Nasira on the 1st position in the Net Merit ranking of the European female May '19 intermediate run: 5/19 GTPI +2829 / NM $ 1004. It's CHARL time!! No less than 9 daughters of Hurtgenlea Richard Charl can be found back in the Top 25 Net Merit of this intermediate run. Highest GTPI Charl daughters this run is De Volmer DG Sadony out of De Volmer Sabine. For the type breeders an exciting time has come up as the first daughters of Col DG Crushtime have been born, one of his very first daughters in the World directly took the leading posision on the PTAT ranking of this month: All Cast Crushtime Fancy. Another exciting heifer on the 2nd position is Chorusic Solomon Koba 1, from the Bons Koba cow family, with PTAT +4.18!   Read More

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The Dairy strength of the Dutch branch from the Prudence's

May 9, 2019 The Dutch branch of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95-USA 5E GMD DOM is one with a huge capacity of Dairy strength & huge components. A great example are the Holbra Malon's! Holbra Malon VG-87-NL produced > 4.0 PROTEIN in six lactation with also an average of 11.000 kgM in 305 days. She is the dam to the fancy Balisto dtr Holbra Malon 3 VG-88-NL 2yr. and Balisto son Holbra Bastilo @ KI-Kampen. Malon 3 also got the genes of this family with producing >14.000 kgM with 3.8% Protein in her 2nd lactation. She was one of the highest Balisto daughters of her age in various sytems and has delivered several sons for A.I. For example the Stantons Adorable son Holbra Adori @ KI-Kampen. He provides the genes of the Dutch branch of the Prudence's for your herd. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Westcoast SWINGMAN-RED
Chart topping *RC sister to Swingman-Red & Soundcloud!

May 9, 2019 She truly is an outstanding heifer and from an amazing pedigree: OH DG Sky Walker *RC. This Jedi daughter is the #7 GTPI Red Carrier in Europe with +2664 GTPI and +829 NM$. She is the maternal sister to the populair bulls Westcoast SOUNDCLOUD (+2773 GTPI) & Wescoast SWINGMAN-RED (+2691 GTPI). She also is the former #1 GTPI daughter of Ms Sofias Delta Sky GP-CAN 2yr. and was also the former #1 Jedi daughter in Europe. At EliteStreet Genetics are also several chart topping offsprings from the family with for example: EliteStreet Sophia Spirit Apprentice *RC. She is the #11 GTPI Red Carrier in Europe and is the full sister to the #1 R&W GTPI female in Europe: EliteStreet Apprentice Spirit-Red (+2723 GTPI).  This family deliverd the heavily used bulls Sympatico *RC, Seneca, Stoic, Seaguall, Durham Red, Sept Storm and more. Click further for more info.   Read More

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5 NEW maximum score 2yr. Olds for Dueholm!!

May 9, 2019 It was already a very successful week for Dueholm Breeding I/S. No less than 5 2yr. Olds received the MAXIMUM-score of VG-89 in Denmark. Including an Archrival daughter with still +3.01 PTAT from the Adeen's, Goldwyn daughter of Elysa Dundee Cleo EX-93, Solomon from the Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92-USA family who was Classwinnner at Danish National Show '18, Atwood grand dtr of Mox Gibson Dreamline EX-91-DE and a Armani of the Best Udder R&W National Show Denmark '14: Dueholm Savard Gabi Red EX-92-DK. Furthermore the sister to Doorman, Dueholm Sympatico Irena *RC saw the classifier agian, she scores now EX-90-DK with an EX-94-MS!! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes wins Grand Champion in Maishofen!

May 8, 2019 The Salzburg State Show in Maishofen, Austria is recently won by Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes! This 4th calver Goldrock (Goldwyn x Lee) daughter convinced at the show with her amazing udder and correct feet and legs above the 6th calver Sanchez daughter Romona who won the Res. Grand Champion in Maishofen. Schönhof´s Goldrock Mercedes EX-90-AT is from a great pedigree: VG-86 Star-Leader x VG-87 Rudolph x VG Bonatus. Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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The total package: DGF Monique (s. Hotline)

May 8, 2019 She literally has the total package: DGF Monique! This fancy Hotline daughter is recently pictured as a maiden heifer and looks incredible. Her dam Madona du Bois de Pins guarantees for +3.71 PTAT, +2399 GTPI and scored VG-87-FR 2yr. DGF Monique is from a new upcoming family from French origin which contains 5 generations VG or EX-dams with an average of 87,8!! She is also one of the very few in Europe with the rare combination of +2602 GTPI and +3.53 PTAT. She is a name to remember for the future. Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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