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1st place for Beeze Calinka 12 at Best Farmers Cow Contest

September 11, 2023 The Dutch Herdbook organized a contest for Best Farmers Cow 2023 of the province Overijssel in the Netherlands. Beeze Holsteins entered Beeze Calinka 12 for this contest. The 5th calver is sired by De-Su Penley out of Beeze Heja Calinka 8 and is a huge production cow at Beeze Holsteins! She produced already in 5 lactations (1730 days) >77.800kgM with 4.2% Fat and 3.4% Protein. She produced in her 4th lactation in 361 days >17.250kgM with 4.3% Fat and +3.4% Protein! Beeze Calinka 12 became 1st in her class at this contest with 5th calvers. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Flyer Nosbisch Holsteins Dispersal and German Masters Sale '23

September 8, 2023 One of the greatest LIVE sales on the European auction agenda will take place on Friday, the 20th of October 2023: THE GERMAN MASTERS SALE together with the Nosbisch Holsteins Dispersal! One of the most UNIQUE auctions Europe ever had > 1 Day.. 2 Sales.. 300 Lots.. >100 Milking Cows.. Selling are all milking Cows +- 150 head youngstock from the world famous Nosbisch Holstein Herd! Topped by 50 amazing Lots of the 10th edition of the German Masters Sale 2023!! Click further to see the flyer.   Read More

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Online Embryo Sale - SPACE Edition- OPEN for bidding

September 8, 2023 A new edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale is OPEN for BIDDING. Log-in and take a view in the exciting offering with embryos from the hottest sires and greatest families right now! Selling are: Female Aircraft *RC embryos out of Petton Aretha Red, Female Siemers Wolf Hulu *RC out of Gen Balencia VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 2yr., Female Redlea *RC (#1 GTPI *RC sire at +3067 GTPI) out of BWN Maartje *RC, a Showtime *RC dtr from Wynford Sanchez Erle EX-93-UK, Female Tirsvad 3STAR Member PP Red embryos out of Oelhorst HiPo Ria Red Pp, great chance on a topranking Red&White and Polled RZG heifer, Female Illustrator P *RC embryos out of Petton Dana Red, great possibillities on the RZG & NVI market with Member PP Red & Shake-Red embryos selling from huge index heifer and much more! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Complete Dynasty dtrs in the September intermediate run '23!

September 7, 2023 Today, the new indexes of the September 2023 intermediate run came in! They're now available for you at Eurogenes! Cookiecutter Holysmokes delivered the #1 female this run at +3164 GTPI, she is followed by a Alied daughter from the United Kingdom at +3107 GTPI. Making the top 3 complete with a Esquire daughter from the Netherlands at +3102 GTPI. Furthermore at the 8th spot we find DG Dozza, an AltaExquisite daughter at +3084 GTPI and +1221 NM$, what makes her also the #1 NM$ female this run. At the 10th spot we find DG Belhonor, she is a Kings-Ransom Dynasty daughter at +3072 GTPI in unique combination with +3.26 PTAT! She is the Nr.1 GTPI female in the Top 25 at +3.26 PTAT, unique! Topping the PTAT list is a Jagger daughter straight out of Budjon-Vail Solmn Apache EX-95-USA from Germany at +4.53 PTAT. She is followed by a Fitters Choice daughter at +4.14 PTAT and making the Top 3 complete with a Hanans daughter from Sweetview Dempsey Hurryup EX-94-USA at +4.09. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Unieke kans! Super Guernsey's zoeken nieuw huis!

September 7, 2023 Een unieke kans: hoogwaardige Guerney's zoeken een nieuw huis! Vanwege omstandigheden zoeken een aantal hoogwaardige genetische Guerney's een nieuw huis in Nederland. De Guerney's  waren voor klanten in het midden-oosten maar vanwege omstandigheden moeten zij in Nederland blijven. Klik verder voor meer info.   Read More

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First daughter EBA Davinci fresh at Anderstrup Holsteins!

September 7, 2023 The first daughter of the populair sire EBA Davinci @ AI-Total is fresh in Denmark at Anderstrup Holsteins. She calved at 1.10 years old, now 2 months fresh and already at 50kgM / day. EBA Davinci had a solide August proof and guarantees for +2722 GTPI, +3.07 PTAT, +0.4 DPR, +0.15% Fat, +0.11% Protein, +2.24 UDC and +1.51 FLC. This super complete bull with a different sire stack: Dylan x VG-87 2yr. Sillian x VG-88 Kingboy x EBA Heazy EX-90 is bred by EBA Holsteins. He is sire to DGF PSG @ AI-Total at +2730 GTPI and +3.46 PTAT and to DG Blackburn @AI-Total at +3.55 PTAT and +15 Conformation! Click further to read more.   Read More

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RR Candy, complete sire from Shottle Elisa EX-90

September 5, 2023 He is one of the very complete sires at OHG-Genetik: RR Candy. This Carenzo son notes +153 RZG in combination with +136 RZM, +116 RZE and solide health traits. Furthermore he has in his German index +1181kgM with positive components, +93 Stature, +111 Feet&Legs and +119 Udders! His dam is Chilton daughter RR Elana VG-85-DE VG-85-MS 2yr. and produced in her first lactation >12.000kgM with +4.3% Fat and +3.7% Protein! She is followed by RR Elanie VG-87-DE La2. a Gymnast daughter and dam to RR Dubliner @Intermizoo. This family goes back on Cow of the Year 2018: RR Shottle Elisa VG-87-DE! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Res. Sr. Champion title for dam to Arrow, Armagedon & Aristocrat

September 5, 2023 Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346, the famous dam of several sons in A.I. including Aristocrat and Arrow is last weekend crowned as Reserve Senior Champion at the Maryland State Fair Holstein Show 2023. Underground Adeline EX-95-USA beats Al-Lew Monterey Ashley and is crowned as Senior Champion and Grand Champion of the Maryland State Fair Holstein Show 2023. The Monterey daughter, Al-Lew Monterey Ashley recently raised her score to EX-95-USA! The family is getting a lot of attention trough her grand daughter Gen Durkje (s. Crimson), she was Intermedaite Champion Zuidenveldshow 2023 and is dam to DG Adagio (+3049 GTPI) and to DG Dr. No (+3000 GTPI). Ashley is also the dam of two promosing young cows in Europe DG NH Aschley VG-88-FR VG-89-MS 2yr. in France and NH DG Atlantis Crushabull VG-87-CH La2., the Jr. Champion Expo Bulle 2022. Click further to read more.   Read More

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New picture from Ashley EX-94 her Tropic grand daughter

September 4, 2023 Peak Tropic daughter JB Toullec Aschla has recently been pictured fresh in her 1st lactation by Alger Meekma. She is a pretty Peak Tropic daughter and maternal sister to JB Toullec The Alps @ABS and JB Toullec Aschi @Ascol. Her dam is NH DG Aschley VG-88-FR VG-89-MS 3yr. (MAX), she was 2nd at the SPACE show, Rennes 2022 and is out of the famous broodcow Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-94-USA. She is dam to the daughter proven sires: NH DG Arrow, NH DG Armagedon P, Mr Frazzled Aristocrat and dam to the 2yr. old Champion Expo Bulle 2022: NH DG Crushabull Atlantis VG-87-CH La2. Click further for the picture.   Read More

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New faces in the Dutch female index!

September 4, 2023 Today is it time for the Dutch gNVI indexes of the black&white and red&white females in Europe. Topping the B&W gNVI female index is Fast Lane daughter at +405 gNVI, followed by another Dutch Fast Lane daughter at +388 gNVI and making the top 3 complete with an Encourage daughter at +385 gNVI. Furthermore at the 22th spot we find Monteverdi daughter DG Berdine at +346 gNVI. She is a Monteverdi daughter from DG Bell (s. Gen Rave) and is from the same family as the Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2022: FUX Seattle EX-97-DE! Ranking high in the gNVI Red&White ranking is a Warren P *RC daughter at +417 gNVI. She is followed by another Warren P *RC daughter at +388 gNVI and at the third spot we find a Cheese *RC daughter at +380 gNVI. At the 20th spot we find Zandenburg Rammstein Fabiola at +339 gNVI, she is in this ranking the highest DV DG Rammstein-Red daughter! At the 36th spot we find RH Ramm Australia-Red at +329 gNVI in combination with +101 Type. Her dam is R&B Solitair Aisha P Red VG-85-NL 2yr. and is tracing back to KHW Goldwyn Aiko *RC EX-91-USA DOM. Click further to read more.   Read More

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