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Jacuzzi son Delta Endless at the top in the Dutch rankings!

December 2, 2020 The Jacuzzi-Red son Delta Endless is the number 1 NVI genomic sire this December 2020 proof at +390 NVI. In second follows Rioaveso at +373 NVI followed by Delta Limbic, Midwolder Mansion, Gladius, Bush-Bros Fragant, Delta Tornado and DG DV Simax. Topping the daugher proven Interbull list is Westcoast Windmill at +270 NVI and 1.674 daughters, who had a solide proof in Germany as well yesterday. At the throne in the R&W genomic sire list is the homozygote bull Delta Launch PP-Red at +369 NVI. New coming in the daughter proven R&W sire list is Delta Booking-Red at +260 NVI with 141 daughters. Followed by Schreur Apoll-P at +252 NVI and 197 miling daughters. Continue reading...   Read More

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Interesting new sires in the US system

December 1, 2020 The new chart topper in the US system with NAAB-code is Gameday-ET breaking the 3000 GTPI at +3081 GTPI. In second follows Hercules at +3066 GTPI and Genosource Captain in third at +3052 GTPI. The new leader in the daughter proven GTPI list is Pine-Tree Burley at +2892 GTPI close behind follows the former #1 Aot Silver Helix at +2884 GTPI. Helix is followed by Griff, Achiever, Rocketfire, Matters and Medley. The new #1 PTAT bull this index run is Siemers Fitters Choice at +4.23 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2520 GTPI. Followed by Eclipse Milio (+4.02 PTAT) and Mr Apples Avalanche *RC (+3.92 PTAT). In the top RED CARRIER GTPI sire list we find Aristocrat son Odessa-ET at the top at +2892 GTPI followed by his maternal brother by Herioc at +2868 GTPI. The R&W GTPI sire lists are leaded by Ronald *RC sons Trumpet-Red (+2819 GTPI) and Mcdonald P-Red (+2787 PTAT). Continue reading...   Read More

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Topshot #1 dtr proven RZG bull B&W and Captain #1 gRZG @ RZG 169

December 1, 2020 The #1 daughter proven bull is this December 2020 proof Cogent Supershot son Topshot at +163 RZG with >4.200 daughters. Either Supershot son Windmill follows in second with +160 RZG and >1.600 daughters. Captain is again leading in so many ways with topping the RZG genomic bulls list at +169 RZG. He shares the first position together with Gladius. Remarkable is the #1 R&W daughter proven bull in Germany: the R&W type sensation POWER-RED at +146 RZG. In the daughter proven interbull R&W list is Pat-Red at the throne with +150 RZG. No less than four Solitair P-Red sons are claiming the top 5 in the R&W genomic sire lists noting all >164 RZG. Click further for the complete German rankings.   Read More

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Sound System paves the way in Italy!

December 1, 2020 The new indexes from Italy just came in! Topping in the daughter proven domestic PFT list is the heavily used bull Sound System at +3897 PFT, he provides huge production traits with +2.085 Milk, +0.30%F and +0.06%P. In second follows Go-Farm Miura at +3861 PFT and making the stage complete is KNS Comedy at +3851 PFT. Leading the genomic domestic sire list is Go-Farm Beerbum at no less than +4797 PFT, far ahead follows Tirsvad Hotspot Geyser at +4606 PFT. Again Wilder Holocron is topping at +4476 PFT (#7 spot). Click further for the complete Italian rankings.   Read More

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Captain takes charge in the UK again!!

December 1, 2020 Genosource Captain showes again his strength in the United Kingdom and is for the second time in a row the #1 LPI genomic bull at +880 PLI in combination with +1.52 TM. In second follows Peak AltaPlinko at +859 PLI and Peak AltaZazzle at +838 PLI. Also HET Ken Gray, bred by Hurkmans ET has a solide proof at +725 PLI and +1.95 TM (Type Merit). This breeding product of Hurkmans ET is a Kenobi son out of an Agronaut dam HET Agro Gazelle coming from the famous Diepenhoek Rozelle / Gazelle family. Furthermore the #1 daughter proven PLI bull is again this run Westcoast Guarantee at +697 PLI. Populair proven bulls as Bomaz Skywalker, Pine Tree Burley, AOT Silver Helix, Bomaz AltaTopshot, DG Charley, Achiever and Agronaut remain in the top of the rankings. Continue reading....   Read More

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Diversified Group on Top of the Swiss Charts

December 1, 2020 Leaninghouse TAOS tops the ISET charts of the genomic young sires. Furthermore the Top 25 shows a diversified group of young sires including Wilder HOLOCRON, an Aristocrat son bred by Wilder Holsteins. Also in the Top 25 Genomic Young sires is Wilder Hotspot HULK, a son of the home-bred bull Hotspot P either by Wilder Holsteins from Germany. Continue reading...    Read More

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The Ida's are still going strong!!

December 1, 2020 Recently the classifier saw the two impressing young cows at Beeze Holsteins, one  scored VG-86-NL 2yr. and the other one VG-89-NL 5yr. Beeze Idao 36 VG-86-NL 2yr. is a Franchise daughter of the Epic (Beeze Idao 8 VG-89-NL La5 - Senior Champion Video Show Dalfsen 2020) and then the Big Time daughter out of Butemare Veneriete Ida O. Her herdmate Beeze Idao 21 VG-89-NL 5yr. is from an Hunter dam followed by either the Big Time daughter and then Butermare Veneriete Ida O. The family is one of the few Dutch  families that has global influence in the last centuries 90’s, 00’s, 10’s and is ready to do the same in the 20’s. Recently other Eurogenes memeber Veneriete where rewarded with the daughter group of famoly member Board. Now the Beeze herd run by the Van der Kamp family is developing there strong line of this family. Continue reading...   Read More

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Fux Seattle SUPREME All-German 2020

November 30, 2020 The reigning Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2020: Fux Seattle EX-94-DE (s. Gold Chip) owned by Hahn/Radke GbR has been named as the Grand & Supreme All-German 2020! Seattle is a Gold Chip daughter from DT Spottie EX-93-DE (s. Derry) - bred by Meppelink & Diamond Genetics and backed by the same family as the former #1 GTPI cow: Baviere VG-87-FR EX-90-MS. At the 2nd calves the big title went to WFD Miss Diamond EX-90-DE owned by Wiesenfeld Holsteins, H. Wille, J. Melbaum and S. Kallaß. Miss Diamond is the reigning Reserve Intermediate Champion Schau der Besten 2020, 1st & 2-Yr Old Champion Schau der Besten 2019, Res. 2-Yr Old Champion Schau der Besten 2019 and European participant @ Libramont 2019. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Hul-Stein Sweet Ruby scores VG-86 @ Rijnhof Holsteins

November 30, 2020 At Rijnhof Holsteins (Rens Laan) Hul-Stein Sweet Ruby increased her score to VG-86-NL with VG-86 for her mammary system as a 5-Yr Old. This Rubicon daughter goes back on a Supersire dam to the great transmitter JK Eder DG Sweet EX-90-NL EX-93-MS - 3 times UDDER CHAMPION at the Opmeer Show in '17, '18 & '19 and the 4th generation EXCELLENT in. a row. Sweet Ruby qualities are coming from her amazing grand dam. She is either the former #2 GTPI Rubicon daughter in Europe and backed by the Morningview Converse Judy EX-93 family. Hul-Stein Sweet Ruby has beside her great type and great milk yield with a lot of breeding strength resulting in R DG Sweet Charl. This sky-high TPI & NET MERIT heifer tops at +2764 GTPI and is the #47 GTPI HEIFER >9 months in Europe! Continue reading...   Read More

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FINAL DAY - Eurogenes Embryo Sale - Make your final BIDS NOW!

November 27, 2020 It's already the FINAL DAY of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale - Autumn Edition. Log-In and take advantage of the 20 embryo combinations selling sired by the most popular bulls of this time, like Farnear Delta LAMBDA, Coomboona Zipit Mirand PP RC, Sandy-Valley MOON, Stantons CHIEF, and more!    Read More

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