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Gen Goodlife again the leader in France!

August 14, 2019 This extraordinary bull Gen Goodlife (s. Gordon) is again the leader in the French system. He loses 2 points but still notes +225 ISU. The second spot is for OKEN with +222 ISU. The third place this August release is for OZY JBT with +221 ISU closely followed by Garett with +218 ISU. Also the #7 gNVI genomic B&W bull Gen Boxer (Bellroy) has a great run in France with +206 ISU at #32. The daughter proven Superhero son Retraitehoeve HERO has again a super proof in France with +204 ISU at place 52. Click further for the complete French index.   Read More

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NL Holstein Highlights - Sire proof August 2019

August 14, 2019 The August 2019 release brings a new #1 gNVI bull: Delta Yes. This Ranger son notes +434 gNVI in combination with +566 INET in the B&W genomic list. Weelder Esperanto drops one spot to #2, but adds four points in his index to +426 gNVI. Furthermore we find DG DV Simax, an Imax son of the Volmer Sabine at rank 6 and guarantees for +411 gNVI. Gen Bellroy, a Benz son of DG Bretagne, claims the 7th position with +409 gNVI. This bull is bred by Genesland and available through Masterrind. In the top ten of the genomic R&W sires, a few were moving up or down by more than 6 spots. The unbeatable #1 NVI R&W genomic bull is again Delta Jacuzzi-Red with +406 gNVI. Also the former 2: Hul-Stein Trend P-Red holds tight at spot 2 and provides now +363 gNVI. Remarkle is Caudumer Solitair P-Red who loses 17 points and dropping six spots to #9. Click further for more Dutch indexes.   Read More

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Ronald again the #1 *RC GTPI!

August 14, 2019 He is again the outstanding #1 RED CARRIER GTPI bull in the United States: Trent-Way-Js Ronald with +2770 GTPI. This Salvatore *RC son notes also +877 NM$ and +2.72 PTAT. The influence in the top RED CARRIER GTPI bull list of Salvatore *RC is huge: he delivered 7 sons in the top 10!!! Furthermore in the top GTPI R&W list we find Solitair P Red on top. The former #1 OH DG Rubels-Red we find now at the second place with +2694 GTPI, 862 NM$ and +2.69 PTAT. Kenmore Triple Crown-Red keeps also impressing with a fourth position in the list with +2659 GTPI in combination with +.2.71 PTAT. In the top PTAT R&W and RED CARRIER list we see a lot of the good run of Avalanche *RC he claims the third place with +4.51 PTAT and his sons the first and second postition!! Click further for more American indexes.   Read More

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PRINCE again the #1 GTPI bull in the States!

August 13, 2019 Prince did it again!! He is the #1 GTPI Genomic bull in the August '19 index run. He notes +2940 GTPI in combination with +1094 NM$. He is followed by the former and currently number 2: Pine-Tree Heroic with +2928 GTPI. New in the top 5 is Bomaz Fastball a Topnotch son with +2901 GTPI. The #1 Genomic NET MERIT bull is the #2 GTPI bull: Pine-Tree Herioc with +1160 NM$!!! Prince claims the second position with +1094 NM$. Legacy keeps impressing with +1090 NM$ at place 3. The #1 GTPI daughter proven bull in the breed is AOT Silver HELIX with +2811 GTPI followed by S-S-I Montross DUKE with +2758 GTPI at place 2. Click further for more American indexes.   Read More

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Biggelo again the chart topper in Canada!!

August 13, 2019 He is this run again the #1 LPI bull in Canada: S-S-I Delroy BIGGELO, this outstanding number 1 notes +3697 LPI. 58 points above the number 2 in the Genomic bulls list: Peak Fscntr ALTAGLOW with +3639 LPI. Furthermore we find the former #3 S-S-I Pr Renegade at place 4 with +3617 LPI. The domestic daughter proven LPI list is lead by Benner Bardo with +3491 LPI closely followed by Silverstream Porter with +3471 LPI. The top Conformation bulls this August '19 run are Tappenvale Moment & the RED CARRIER Lindenright Moovin *RC with both +19 Conformation. The former #1 TYPE bull Walnutlawn Skyhigh, we find now at place 3 with +18 Conf. Also Col DG Crushtime possess the 5th place with again +17 for Conformation. Click further for the complete Canadian indexes.   Read More

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August 13, 2019 The fourth index run of today are from the United Kingdom. The #1 PLI genomic sires are Bomaz Altacabot and Denovo 8084 Entity with both +871 PLI. The number 1 daughter proven PLI sire is Co-Op Robust Cabriolet with +755 PLI. Close follows Larcrest Commend with +752 PLI. The top TYPE bulls in the UK are Crushabull with +4.16 TM, Siemers Lambda Haniko with +4.06 TM and Col DG Crushtime +3.94 TM. The #6 genomic type bull in the UK is Wilt Emilio with +3.84 TM. Topping the daughter proven TYPE list are Delaberge Pepper with +3.97 TM and Bova Bomba with +3.96 TM. Click further for the complete UK indexes.   Read More

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Stantons Etymology the leader in Switzerland!

August 13, 2019 The chart topper in the SWISS ISET system is Stantons Etymology is +1722 ISET. This Guarantee son provides >2000 Milk in combination with +143 IPL and +140 ITP!! He is closely followed by SSI Rolan BRAWN who notes +1717 ISET. The former leader in the Swiss system Musa notes now +1715 ISET at place 3. The #1 daughter proven sire with Swiss milking daughters is Brekem *RC with +1458 ISET and 96 daughters. Followed by Enforcer with +1446 ISET and 192 daughters. The R&W Aikman *RC son ALPHAMAN claims the 11th position with 117 daughters and +1388 ISET. Click further for all the Swiss indexes.   Read More

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ELDORADO the new #1 in Italy!

August 13, 2019 Stantons ELDORADO is the newest #1 PFT Genomic bull in Italy with +4716 PFT. The former #1 PFT bull Sandy-Valley PANAMA loses almost 300 points to place 5 with +4560 PFT. The influence of JEDI is huge in the top PFT genomic bulls with delivering six grand sons in the top 15. The number #1 Genomic IES bull is Go-Farm Spinoff (s. Padawan) with +1648 IES. He is followed by his brother by Padawan: Progenesis Matchpoint with +1641 IES. The number #1 daughter proven PFT bull is De-Su Balisto with +4005 PFT. He is closely followed by Glen-D-Haven AltaHotrod with +3992 PFT. The #18 daughter proven PFT bull is the heavily used Holbra Inseme Rodanas. The #1 IES daughter proven sire is Bomaz AltaTopshot with +1319 IES. Far away from the #2 and popular EDG Rubicon with +1155 IES. Click further to read more.   Read More

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German RZG rankings ONLINE: SANO the new #1!

August 13, 2019 Germany is the first today with the newest bull publications. The new #1 RZG bull in the genomic interbull list is SANO, a Sonic son with +165 RZG. His dam Rhala EX DG Jacy is sold through the German Masters Sale 2016 and bred by Diamond Genetics & Rhala. Chilton rises to place 2 in the list with still +164 RZG. CROWNMAX keeps impressing with +163 RZG at place 6. This Imax son impresses with >1600 Milk & +156 RZM and is bred by Hul-Stein. In the top 15 RZG bulls is DG Charley again leaving his mark with delivering 4 sons!! In the top RZG R&W list is Solitair P still leading the Interbull Genomic list with +162 RZG. Second in this list is the heavily used Wescoast Swingman with +159 RZG. Col DG Spark-Red is also again topping in this list with +156 at place 6. The Anreli son Andy-Red notes +155 RZG at place 9. Click further for all the German indexes.   Read More

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Many success for EG-members @ RSN Show!

August 13, 2019 It was again time for the Rundvee Show Noord (RSN-Show) in Lhee last Saturday. Several Eurogenes members participated at this provincial show of Northern-Netherlands. The first title of the day went to Hullcrest Holsteins with winning Junior Champion with Bel Bag2 Chief Camilla (s. Chief). The reserve title of the heifers went to Bosma Holsteins with their Lakeside Ups Ashtime (s. Jordy-Red), co-owned with Heerenbrink Holsteins. Their was also many success for Giessen Holsteins with winning 2-Yr Old Champion B&W with Giessen Charity 138, 2-Yr Old Champion R&W with Giessen Cecibell 10 & Intermediate Champion R&W with Giessen Cecibell 8. Giessen Holsteins won with their incredible herdgroup the Black & White Herdgroup title. At the Junior Show the herdgroup title went to Hullcrest Holsteins. Click further to read more.   Read More

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