Click to enlarge - JK Eder DG Sweet VG-88-NL EX-93-MS
All.Nure Guara Gelou tops NM list with NM $ 1020

May 15, 2018 There was enough to celebrate for a lot of Eurogenes-members during the NM top rankings of april. In all three lists there was a Eurogenes-member in the top 5. The highest of the Top 50 NM calves <9 months is All.Nure Guara Gelou with NM $ 1020! She was also the highest on GTPI in the other list with +2869! She is a young Guarantee daughter out of a Rubicon out of a Balisto who was sold through the German Master Sale 2015.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Wilstar Amber Red
FEMALE Jordy Red embryos from a great offspring of the APPLE's

May 14, 2018 Cycle McGucci JORDY-RED FEMbryos (+3.62 PTAT) out of Wilstar Amber Red are offered in the Online Embryo Sale, which ends this Friday 9:00 P.M (Dutch time). Amber is a Anahiem offspring of the APPLE's with a different sire stack: Anahiem x VG-85-USA Archive x EX-90-USA Alchemy x VG-87-USA 2yr. Superstition x EX-90-USA Stormatic x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL
FEMALE Unix embryos of Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL

May 14, 2018 Carf Emeraude made some exciting Le Croteau Lesperron UNIX FEMbryos which are sellling in the Online Embryo Sale. This fantastic brood-cow has 3 VG-88 2yr. olds till date and won multiple shows in France and the Netherlands. She goes back on Amarante, which was 2x French Cow of the Year. Emeraude her Doorman daughter was Res. 2-Yr. Old Champion at the National HHH-Show.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Holec Jolakimo P
Skywalker embryos selling of great Polled heifer!

May 14, 2018 In the Online Embryo Sale are some exciting embryo packages selling. One of them are three Skywalker embryos from Holec Jolakimo P. She is believed to be in the top 10 GTPI Polled heifers World Wide at flush age. Your chance to create a high polled offspring of Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96-USA. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Wilt Emy EX-92-FR EX-93-MS 5yr.
Impressive brood-cow: the dam of Wilt Emilio

May 14, 2018 Recently the dam of Wilt Emilio: Wilt Emy is classified again. She became EX-92-FR with an EX-93-MS as a 5yr. old. The picture below confirms the qualities of this fantastic brood-cow, how older they get how better they look. Wilt Emy is for sure one of a kind and you can bring her qualities to your own herd. Her son Wilt Emilio his semen is international available through Ascol and in the Netherlands distributed through AI-Total.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA EX-MS
Official GTPI April run online!

May 14, 2018 The official GTPI top 50 list of the april run is online! The list is including the modifications of DPR and PL, so yet again there is no calf or cow above the +2900 GTPI line.   Read More

Click to enlarge - embryos selling straight out of Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL

May 12, 2018 A very exciting new embryo sale has started today with 27 lots! If you are looking for genomics, high type, daughter proven, show, you name it and it will be in this sale! There are some early Skywalker +2854 GTPI / NM $ 992 embryos out of a polled Modesty daughter with +2732 GTPI / NM $ 886!
Also FEMALE Unix embryos straight out of Carf Emeraude!! Click further for the complete overview of embryos selling this edition.   Read More

Click to enlarge -
Exciting HaM Doorman Blisful almost FRESH!

May 8, 2018 Exciting times at Panda Holsteins with HaM Doorman Blisful is due to calf any moment, this very special Doorman daughter is in combined ownership with Robert Martin which purchased her together in the German Masters Sale 2016, bred by Heidehof Ahrens from Germany. Her dam Mars Bliss EX-91-DE EX-MS from Mock Holsteins is the full sister of the former #2 dtr proven type bull in Canada Mars Yorick, from the Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA cow family. Click further for a snapshot picture of Dory of how promising she looks!   Read More

Click to enlarge - DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH - EX-96 MS
Choose your Dutch cow of the year!

May 7, 2018 There is a ‘Dutch cow of the year’ election for the first time in the history of the HI+. An impressive list of 15 influential Dutch brood cows has been selected. Including som very famous names and cows of Eurogenes-members. Including the dam of the Swiss Expo Champion DH Gold Chip Darling, DG Candide (dam of the influential bull DG Charley @ ABS), Mars Froukje 277, Heidenskipster Goldwin Destiny and many more. Look further for all the nominated cows and information!    Read More

Click to enlarge - top 10 intermediate run May 2018
Intermediate run of May, +2845 GTPI is #1!

May 7, 2018 The intermediate run of May is online and after the changes of PL and DPR in the April run there hasn’t been a calf or heifer yet to pass the +2900 GTPI line. Closest to reach that is Imax daughter PEAK Imx Carmen with +2845 GTPI, she is the big winner of this run.    Read More

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