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VG-88 2yr. for Rager-Red grand daughter to KOE Fabiola-Red!

January 30, 2023 A great new VG-88-NL 2yr. old for Batouwe Holsteins in the Netherlands: Batouwe Rager Fabiola! She is a very promising Rager-Red daughter and classified with VG-89 for her Dairy Strength and Type, VG-87 for her Mammary System and VG-87 for her Feet & Legs! Her dam is a Jotani daughter out of the Udder Champion & Senior Champion R&W Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt 2018: KOE Fabiola EX-90-NL EX-91-MS 4yr. This Applejax daughter was also Res. Intermediate Champion R&W Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt '17, classwinner & Res. Intermediate Champion Avondbloesemshow '17 between the Black&whites! Fabiola is going back on KOE Fabiola EX-92-DE (s. Caveman). This Caveman daughter was 2nd at the European Show in Bruxelles and is the dam to longevity sire Laurel-Red (s. Lay Out), which delivered various 100.000kgM cows in Holland and Europe. Click further for more info.   Read More

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JK Eder Evalyn EX-91-NL wins Res. Champion title Etten-Leur '23

January 30, 2023 The 3rd calver JK Eder Evalyn EX-91-NL EX-91-MS is in great shape! She won last friday her class with Senior Cows at the Wintershow in Etten-Leur and received the Reserve Senior Champion title, close behind Southland Dem Dellia EX-93-NL EX-93-MS. JK Eder Evalyn EX-91-NL EX-91-MS expands her victory list in her 3rd lactation, with winning her class with Senior Cows at the Fokveedag Hoornaar '22 and was also classwinner and Best Udder at the Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt '22. In 2021 she became 1st in her class and Reserve Intermediate Champion Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt. Evalyn is a excellent classified Jedi daughter out of President daughter JK Eder Eva 1 VG-88-NL EX-MS 4yr. and is tracing back to Royal Idevra Titanic Estate EX-90-IT. Clik further for more info.    Read More

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FINAL DAY - Online Embryo Sale - BID NOW!

January 27, 2023 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has almost come to her end. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example Female Blondin Tower-Red / Trent-Way-JS Rompen-Red embryos out of the +3.20 PTAT / +10 Conformation Warrior-Red daughter: FG Warrior Alicia-Red VG-87-DE 2yr., she is going back to the KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA cow family, Female Farnear Delta-Lambda embryos out of PTAT giant HC Archrival Arianne VG-89-NL EX-MS 4yr. (MAX), TOP RZG embryos from the German Wilder K family: THI Shout *RC (+159 RZG / +318 NVI) out of Wilder Kayden-Red (+156 RZG / +338 NVI), Female Bullseye embryos out of the very promising JK Eder DG Carmen 10 VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr., Female Stgen Doral-Red embryos out of Wilcor Attraction O'Kina-Red VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., and many herdbuilding packages. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Looking for bulls from the Carf Emeraude EX-91 family

January 26, 2023 JK Eder Holsteins is currently looking for bulls from the Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL cow family with no criteria! Click further for more info.   Read More

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VG-86 1yr. old for NH DG Arrow daughter in Canada

January 26, 2023 Recently scored a young and very promising NH DG Arrow daughter VG-86 1yr. old in Canada with VG-86 for her Mammary System: Skycrest Arrow Sissypants! Her dam is Windbrook daughter Skycrest Windbrook Sassypants EX-93-CAN EX-93-MS 3E out of Skycrest Pronto Salsa EX-91-CAN. Pronto Salsa EX-91 was 3rd in her class with 5yr. olds at the AB Dairy Congress 2014. The stunning Skycrest Arrow Sissypants is sired by the populair TYPE sensation: NH DG Arrow @Ai-Total. He is a King Doc son with no holes in his US index with +2695 GTPI and +2.90 PTAT, +752kgM with positive components, +2.53 UDC. +1.77 FLC and Sloped Rumps! Arrow is straight out of the great Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 EX-94-USA! Ashley is a great broodcow and also dam to Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat and NH DG Armagedon P. NH DG Arrow delivered already many impressive daughters! Click further for more info.   Read More

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New EXCELLENT Doorman daughter from the Darling's!

January 26, 2023 The magnificent JK Eder DG Doorman Dance is classified EX-90-NL last week! This Doorman daughter of JK Eder Holsteins & Diamond Genetics became EX-90 Frame, EX-92 Dairy Strength, EX-90 Mammary System and VG-88 Feet & Legs which resulted in EX-90-NL! She is a Doorman daughter straight out of JK Eder DG Gold Chip Darling 2 EX-90-NL 4yr., she was 2yr. old Champion Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt 2014, is the full sister to the Supreme Champion Swiss Expo '17: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96-CH and is tracing back to the Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA cow family! Another great cow who saw the classifier is Montana daughter JK Eder Hoine 4. She is now classified with VG-89-NL with EX-90 for her Mammary System. Hoine 4 became in 2021 Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion at the Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt and is a huge milkproduction cow from the Peckenstein Luke Kirsten EX-91-USA GMD DOM cow family. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Great red&white embryos from one of the highest scored 2yr. olds

January 24, 2023 This week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale are female Blondin Tower-Red / Trent-Way-Js Rompen-Red embryos selling from one of the highest scored 2yr. olds of Germany: FG Warrior Alicia-Red VG-87-DE 2yr. with VG-87 for her Mammary System. She has +3.20 PTAT / +10 Conformation and is full sister to FG Applestar-Red VG-86-IT 2yr., the classwinner at the International Dairy Show Cremona '22 between the black&whites and the Junior Champion R&W National Dairy Show Cremona '21. Their dam is Wilstar Anahiem Amber-Red EX-90-DE EX-91-MS out of Wilstar Archive Ally-Red VG-85-USA 2yr., she is sired by Archive-Red and full sister to Arcardo @RBW and is maternal sister to Aramis @Vost. Her dam is Ms Angelinas Ana-Red EX-90-USA out of Ms Angelinas Super Ava *RC EX-90-USA EX-MS and is tracing back to 'One Million Dollar Cow' and 2x Grand Champion World Dairy Expo: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA. This great Regiment daughter has a huge influence in the Red&White branch. From the same family are also the great cows Miss Apple Snapple EX-96-USA and her daughther Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Progenesis Challen Embrace now VG-87 in Canada

January 24, 2023 Early Challenger daughter Progenesis Challen Embrace, increased her score to VG-87 in Canada in her 2nd lactation as 4yr. old! She scores VG-87 for her Mammary System and VG-88 for her Dairy Strength. She has multiple daughters testing over the >+3000 GTPI and her AltaWheelhouse daughter is sold for 37,500 USD in the Fun in the Sun Sale, Florida 2022. She is just a young cow with a bright future! She produces in her first lactation in 365 days more than >14.337kgM with 3.6% Protein and is maternal sister to Progenesis ESPN @Semex and Progenesis Encourage. Embrace VG-87 is from a deep US-pedigree going back on 14 generations VG- or Excellent scored dams to Ridgedale Fond Example EX-95-USA 3E GMD. One of her other great daughters is Beerzedal HiPo Pfct Emma, she is a Parfect daughter at +3062 GTPI in unique combination with +2.29 PTAT / +2.21 UDC and +1585kgM. She is full sister to Beerzedal HiPo Emelda at Beerzedal Holsteins (NL), she scores in her US index: +2969 GTPI with +2.34 PTAT / +2.75 UDC. Click furhter for more info.   Read More

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Video's sale heifers Zuchtbetrieb Reinnerman @OHG-Top Genetik

January 24, 2023 This saturday, January the 28th, is the OHG-Top Genetik taking place in Germany! Eurogenes member Zuchtbetrieb Reinermann had offered the very best heifers for this sale. They offered the RR Elea, she is a Foreman daughter at +156 RZG from the RR Elisa EX-90-DE family with at the moment 6.800 EUR embryo contracts. Furthermore they have a Genius heifer from the Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA cow family. Her dam is Kerrigan daughter Haven VG-89-DE La2., she was 2nd in her class at the DHV Schau in 2019 and has a maternal brother, sired by Battlecry, he is one of the best daughter proven bulls for conformation in Germany. Click further for the complete catalog.   Read More

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DG Calisha, sister to DG Charley, wins Video show Dronten

January 23, 2023 Supershot daughter DG Calisha owned by Meppelink/Diamond Genetics, Dalen claimed Intermediate Champion and also Grand Champion at the Video Contest organised by Aeres University Dronten. Seven judges looked at the different classes and made DG Calisha Grand Champion of this contest. The 7 years old Supershot daughter, DG Calisha is from a famous cow family with DG Charley as full brother!! DG Calisha and DG Charley their dam is DG Candide VG-85-NL, a Mogul daughter out of Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA from Ramos daughter Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA! Another full sister to DG Calisha and DG Charley is DG Caylee at Twin Genetics. DG Caylee is classified with VG-86-NL 2yr. with VG-88 for her Mammary System. She is grand dam to the sire DGF Cashmir. Click further for more info.   Read More

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