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Interesting new sires in the US system

April 6, 2021 The new chart topper in the US system with NAAB-code is Genosource John-ETN breaking the 3000 GTPI at +3162 GTPI. In second follows his full brother Genosource Jack-ETN at +3162 GTPI and Genosource Captain at either +3162 GTPI. The new leader in the daughter proven GTPI list is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard Charl at +3050 GTPI, the first daughter proven bull to break 3000 GTPI!! For ahead in second follows Pine-Tree Burley at +2884 GTPI. Burley is followed by Achiever, Marius, Helix, Battle, King Doc and Medley. The #1 PTAT bull this index run is again Siemers Fitters Choice at +4.29 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2535 GTPI. Followed by Peak Hammer-ET(+4.26 PTAT) and Peak Highliner-ET (+4.21 PTAT). In the top RED CARRIER GTPI sire list we find again Aristocrat son Odessa-ET at the top at +2892 GTPI followed by his maternal brother by Herioc at +2891 GTPI. The R&W GTPI sire lists are leaded by Rubels-Red sons Ranger-Red (+2897 GTPI) and Rocky-Red (+2841 PTAT). Click further for the complete US-indexes.   Read More

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CHARL: first daughter tested bull in history to go >3000 TPI!!

April 6, 2021 A unique moment in the history of the Holstein breed today with Hurtgenlea Richar CHARL to be the first daughter tested sire ever to break the 3000 GTPI mark, his first 182 daughters in his official proof made him jump no less then 287 TPI points up to GTPI +3050 and $ 911 Net Merit!  The #2 daughter proven sire is Pine-Tree Burley with GTPI +2884, followed by Achiever (GTPI +2875) and Marius (GTPI +2848). Also in the Genomic TPI ranking for young bulls the influance of Charl sons is huge with his son Genosource CAPTAIN on the #1 position in the GTPI ranking with GTPI +3162), with many of his sons keeping a top placing in the mondial GTPI ranking, such as DGF Cash (GTPI +2931), Paul (GTPI +2906), Pikachu and others!   Read More

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Canadian highlights - April 2021 proof

April 6, 2021 The new indexes from Canada came in! The #1 LPI sire is 3star OH Ranger-Red at +3910 PLI, followed by Sandy-Valley R Conway-ET at +3842 LPI. The #1 domestic proven bull is Westcoast Alcove with +3813 LPI in a great combination with +9 Conformation. The Type list is leading by Blondin Legend, Vieuxsaule Success, Brabantdale Alongside and Tappenvale Moment all at +16 Conformation! The #1 R&W Conformation sire is again KCCK AMARETTO-RED at +15 Conf. Click further for the complete Canadian rankings.   Read More

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Captain takes charge in the UK for the third time!

April 6, 2021 Genosource Captain showes again his strength in the United Kingdom and is for the THIRD time! in a row the #1 LPI genomic bull at +963 PLI (+83 LPI) in combination with +1.61 TM. In second follows either again Peak AltaPlinko at +923 PLI and at thrid Peak AltaZazzle at +905 PLI. Gen Pikachu has a great run in the UK wiht +864 PLI at the 9th spot. The #1 TYPE MERIT bull in the UK is the R&W bull Nosbisch Holsteins SOLITO-RED at +2.94 TM. Furthermore the #1 daughter proven PLI bull is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL at +774 PLI. Populair proven bulls as Bomax AltaTopshot, AOT Silver Helix, Westcoast Guarantee, DG Charley, ABS Medley and Bomaz Skywalker remain in the top of the rankings. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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Scandinavian indexes - April 2021

April 6, 2021 The indexes of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland) are ONLINE now!! The highest NTM genomic sire this April 2021 proof is the German bull GGA Builder Bleech at +42 NTM. In the second spot follows the Danish bull VH Letsgo Laprice at +41 NTM. The third place is for VH Norland Nader at either +41 NTM. Gen RAVE @ AI-Total is the #5 NTM genomic bull at +37 NTM. Topping the daughter proven NTM list is Bomaz AltaTopshot at +32 NTM. At second we find the Danish sire VH Tirsvad Balisto Bosman at +31 NTM. The stage is complete with the international American sire De-Su 12693 Skyfall-ET at place 3 at +30 NTM. Click further for all the Scandinavian top rankings.   Read More

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Go-Farm BEERBUM the chart topper in Italy

April 6, 2021 The new indexes from Italy just came in! Topping in the daughter proven domestic PFT list is Go-Farm Miura at +4195 PFT, in second follows Parallel at +4067 PFT, in third the heavily used bull Sound System at +3897 PFT. Leading the genomic domestic sire list is for the second time in a row Go-Farm Beerbum at no less than +4840 PFT (increase with +43 PFT), far ahead follows ZFZ Crisalis *RC at +4670 PFT. For the third time in a row Wilder Holocron is topping at +4512 PFT (#7 spot). Click further for the complete Italian rankings.   Read More

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Leaninghouse TAOS the #1 ISET sire in Switzerland!

April 6, 2021 Today, it's INDEX DAY! We start with the first indexes coming in from Switzerland. The new leader in the Swiss chart is Leaninghouse TAOS at +1675 ISET. In second follows Plain-Knoll Magnitude at +1674 ISET. At the 14th spot we find Hotspot P son Wilder HULK P at +1641 ISET bred by Eurogenes-member Wilder Holsteins from Germany. Leading in the Interbull daughter proven list is Progenesis PADAWAN at +1573 ISET and 137 milking daughters. #1 TYPE sire in the Swiss rankings is Mirand PP *RC son Hyden Limited at +155 ITP!! Click further for the overall Swiss rankings.   Read More

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SALE UPDATE - Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale

April 1, 2021 The second SALE UPDATE of the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale is now ONLINE available!! This SALE UPDATE also includes the embryo and bull contracts on the great lots selling in this ONLINE LIVE SALE. The auction will start this Friday evening at 7:00 P.M. (Dutch-time) and can be attended through the SALE SITE. More info can be requested through the sale organisation.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Lot 4. Kedar Sun Blessed Pi
Dam lot 4 raises her score to VG-89 2yr. (MAX) in the UK!

April 1, 2021 The dam of lot 4. Kedar Sun Blessed Pi in the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale has raised her score to VG-89-UK 2yr. (MAX). Kedar Calvin Sunbeam Pi is the All-Britain 2nd Lactation Cow 2020 and grand daughter to the 6x Grand Champion World Dairy Expo: Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA. Her lovely Jongleur Pi daughter sells tomorrow evening at 19:00 (Dutch-time). Make sure you'll attend the sale through: www.easterheifersale.com. Click further to read more.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Lot 23. SH Doorman Deluxe
Snapshots lots Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale

April 1, 2021 Just one day until the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale 2021 will start on Friday, 2nd of April 2021 (Zwolle, the Netherlands - online through www.easterheifersale.com) - the quality in this great sale is incredible! Hereby the snapshot of the sale heifers & fresh cow selling this Friday evening! Don't miss out this great sale! Click further for the pictures and video complication.   Read More

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