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The best from the APPLE family SELLS!

March 29, 2019 The European Masters Sale is THE place to fulfil your dreams - if you are looking for the very best of the family of one of the highest R&W impact cows of all time, this is your chance! Many incredible opportunities are selling straight out of, or going back to the legend: KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA. Including the 1st R&W Unstopabul dtr in Europe, the #1 Conformation heifer for R&W in Europe, the #1 Conformation heifer for Red Carrier in the World, the #1 PTAT Red Carrier heifer in Europe, a dtr and embryos straight out of the LEGEND herself and MORE! Click further to find the APPLE-opportunites!   Read More

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The grand daughter of Cosmopolitan: Veneriete Silver Cosmo!

March 27, 2019 She is a really exciting Silver daughter and out of the incredible branch of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87-USA GMD DOM family. Her dam is Drouner AJDH Freddie Cosmo VG-88-DE - sold for 42.000 EUR and a cow who deliverd seven sons for A.I. She also produced almost 13.000kgM with 3.8% PROTEIN!! Veneriete Silver Cosmo herself has 4 Mega-Watt daughters @ Veneriete Holsteins and is a sister to Col Carmen VG-86-DE 2yr., the dam to Col Simon @ AI-Total and Superstar @ CRV. This family brought also the populair bulls Charley, Chevrolet, Fanatic, Commander and more! Click further for her incredible picture.   Read More

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FEMALE Avalanche *RC embryos from a family member to BLEXY!!!

March 27, 2019 Lot 1 in the Online Embryo Sale is a really special package. Selling are #3 FEMALE Avalanche *RC (not available in Europe // type specialist with +4.23 PTAT // sire to many show winners) embryos from Porpo Goldwyn Barby EX-94-USA. A Goldwyn daughter who won Grand Champion Mideast Spring National Holstein Show 2014, Res. Senior Champion Mideast Spring Holstein Show 2015, Res. Senior Champion All-Michigan Show 2014 & many more! She is closy family to the SUPREME Champion of the World Dairy Expo 2017 & many people's favorite show cow: Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-96-USA. Get yourself into this special cow family and create the next Champion on the coloured shavings! Lot 1 in the Online Embryo Sale!   Read More

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Thalia Red wins Res. 2-Yr Old Champion in Krefeld!

March 26, 2019 Last week it was time for the RUW Färsenschau (2-Yr Old Show) in Krefeld, Germany. This show Grand Champion went to Braxton daughter Roxy exhibited by Bernd Lohmann. Also the R&W make a lot impression at the visitors. The Grand Champion 2-Yr Old went to the beautiful Diamondback *RC daughter WR Miley in ownership of Ludger Wiewer. The Res. Grand Champion of the R&W show was Thalia-Red, an stunning Absolute-Red daughter of Nosbisch Holsteins. At this show were also two progeny groups presented of COL Basical & ST Present. COL Basical is a Balisto son in A.I. @ RUW and impressed with a group of harmonic and well-balanced 2-Yr Olds. Click further for the pictures and complete results.   Read More

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European Masters Sale CATALOGUE ONLINE!

March 25, 2019 The countdown started to one of the greatest events on the Global Holstein breed agenda: The European Show in Libramont and the European Masters Sale, which will take place on the Friday-night (12. April) in the Libramont Showring! The catalogue is online and offers one of the greatest line-ups ever on a European Sale! This sale offers direct opportunities from global stars like Galys-Vray, Strans-Jen-D Tequila Red, Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red, KHW Regiment Apple Red, Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha, Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody, Blonding Goldwyn Subliminale, Du Bon Vent Inkapi and more! As well multiple heifers are selling >2800 GTPI (up to GTPI +2897 & >1000 Net Merit), several heifers >4 PTAT and +20 DGV Conformation, >160 RZG (up to 166 RZG) and many more of the greatest index heifers in the breed which can put a big stamp on any breeding program and the entire breed in the future!  The catalogue is online! Click further to read the online catalogue!   Read More

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The incredible 2-Yr Old Champion Schau der Besten!

March 22, 2019 She is propably one of the most popular young show cows in Europe: WFD Diamondback MissDiamond. She won her class at the Schau der Besten 2019 and became later on 2-Yr Old Champion of the show. She continues on the coloured shavings with pre-selected for the German Team for the European Show in Libramont. This amazing 2-Yr Old is from the same family as Wiesenfeld Lotus Joy-Red, the Res. Jr. Champion R&W Swiss Expo 2017! She is also from the same family as Wiesenfeld Raider Maryam EX-97-DE she was 7x Grand Champion at the German Show and European Champion in 2000!! Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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Stunning picture dam of Zandenburg Barrage!

March 22, 2019 We received recently a NEW picture of the dam to Zandenburg Barrage (+2339 gTPI). This Backstage son is sold to an A.I. Station in Spain. His dam is Zandenburg Supershot Ebony VG-85-NL, a great transmitting Supershot daughter from the Ebony's. She tests good in several systems and has 11 generations EX or VG-dams in a row in her pedigree. Her dam is a sister to the bulls Motega, Torente & Bonnuci @ Semex and Monaca @ Masterrind. This popular cow family from American orgin delivered many bulls for A.I. and guarantees for high productions and huge indexes. Click further for the picture.   Read More

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Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has begun!!

March 22, 2019 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale started this afternoon, this sale ends next week on Friday, March 29h until 9.00 PM (Dutch time). Huge embryo packages are offered and for sale, with for example: FEMALE Avalanche *RC (not available in Europe) embryo's from a EX-94 family member to Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-96-USA, FEMALE Artist (+4.05 PTAT) embryos from the VG-87 2yr. full sister to the Res. 2-Yr Old Champion Expo Bulle '19 & classwinner Swiss Expo '19,  FEMALE Tatoo embryos from the Pasta's, (SHOW) JERSEY embryos, several herdbuilding packages starting at 125 EUR/ embryo and many more great consignments. Click further for some examples!   Read More

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ViG Grace wins Excellent-Schau in Leer!

March 21, 2019 The Excellent-Schau had this year a NEW Grand Champion in ViG Grace, this almost 14 year old Starleader daughter produced >100.000kgM and is owned by Jannes Vienna. The Intermediate Champion went to Peru (s. Odyssey) a full sister to the Grand Champion of the Excellent-Schau 2017: Princes!! Their dam, Holbra Atwood Patty, is deliverd as an embryo through Diamond Genetics at the VOST. The grand dam of Peru & Princes is no one less than Holbra Bolton Paulona VG-85-NL 2yr. - she delivered two sons for A.I. in Canada and has >3.9% PROTEIN. The Champion of the Young Cows was ZR Edelweiß, this Godewind daughter was last years 2yr. Old Champion of the show! Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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Galys-Vray delivers next star: #1 PTAT High Octane dtr!

March 21, 2019 Only 3 weeks to go to one of the greatest events on the global Holstein agenda for this year: the European Show in Libramont! The previous edition of the European Show won by the global phenomenon Galys-Vray EX-94-CH EX-95-MS, a cow which not only shined in the showring, but as well as a BROOD COW! She is transmitting high type on her genomics as well, for example her Unix son GRAND @ Semex with PTAT +4.20! Another great star from the family recently came back with an index: Mattenhof High Octane Graziana, sired by the very successful daughter proven sire Stantons High Octane. Graziana is one of the greatest show type daughters of Galys-Vray, her phenotype as well confirmed by her great genotype: PTAT +3.62 > that makes her the #1 PTAT High Octane dtr in Europe / #3 in the breed! AND....  SHE SELLS!    Read More

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