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FINAL DAY - Online Embryo Sale - BID NOW!

December 18, 2020 Today is the FINAL DAY of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale, the last edition of this year. Great lots are selling with for example: the first FEMALE embryos by Thunder Storm from the MAX-scored 2-Yr Old Bel Bag2 Chief Camilla VG-89-NL 2yr., FEMALE Delta-Lambda embryos from Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-96-USA her VG-86-USA 2yr. Sid daughter, FEMALE Andreas from the H.M. Senior Champion North American Dairy Show 2020: Maker Applejack Get Over It EX-92-USA, Wagyu, Red & White and multiple herdbuilding packages starting at just 50 EUR / embryo. Click further for the complete offering.   Read More

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Auction site CHRISTMAS @ JK Eder TAG+ Sale Online!

December 17, 2020 The auction site of the CHRISTMAS & JK Eder Online TAG+ Sale is NOW ONLINE available at WWW.SALE.EUROGENES.COM. The site is filled with the start prices, buy now prices, pictures and complete info of the lots selling. Don't miss out this special occasion starting Wednesday December the 23th till Wednesday December the 30rd through Eurogenes. Take a look at the excinting offering now! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Gen-I-Beq Inaika EX-95 nominated Cow of the Year 2020 France

December 17, 2020 In the spring of 2011 Genes Diffusion imported a group of embryos from KHW-I-Aika Baxter, the Baxter daughter from KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91, who was the maternal sister to the great KHW Regiment Apple-EX-96 cow. This import of embryos can go into the books as one of the most succesfull  embryo imports in the recent years. It brought a proven bull for Genes Diffision named Hetox. Hetox did well for it’s owner in various countries and was one of the top sellers from the day he started to produce semen. An other full sister went tot he famous show breeders Du Louvoin / Dupont who showed her succesfull at so many shows including claiming Reserve Champion Red & White at the Last European Show and several National Champions in Rennes and Paris. The third sibling from this flush was BTS Avea, she was sold as a heifer to Diamond Genetics & Rijnhof Holsteins and started a branch that brought top bulls like RH DG Adam Red, RH DG Alphaman, RH DG Spitfire and grand dam to NH Solito Red @ Masterrind and several interesting female lines to ensure future input for the Red & white breed. BTS Avea has now embryos available by sexed DG OH Rubels Red in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. The cross that brings Talent Barbara EX-95 / Rainyridge Rony Beayty EX-95, with the Scientific Debutante Rae / Glenridge Ctitation Roxy EX-97 and the KHH Goldwyn Aiko EX-92 / KHW Durham Altitude EX-95 together. Wanting to start or expand in the very best of Red, it does not come by much easier make sure to get these embryos home! Continue reading...   Read More

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Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite delivers again!

December 17, 2020 The super transmitting Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite VG-87-NL 3yr. scores again with delivering an amazing R&W Diamondback *RC daughter in Germany: Loh TJ Diamondback Alaska VG-87-DE La2. Aphrodite is dam to the reigning German National Champion: Loh TJ Alessja VG-89-DE EX-MS and the heavily used R&W SHOW sire: Loh DICE-RED @ Masterrind. Her dam is the extraordinary Luck-E Advent Atlanta *RC EX-94-USA, full sister to Luck-E Advent Asia *RC - dam to: AWESOME-RED, ADONIS-RED and Luck-E McGucci Afro EX-93-USA. Aphrodite has been very successful in the show ring as well with being Reserve All-German R&W 2-Yr Old 2016, Top 5 R&W Swiss Expo Lausanne '16 and 1st place 2-Yr Old class Schau der Besten '16 between B&W. Directly from this extraordinary cows are Mirand PP *RC embryos selling in the CHRISTMAS @ JK Eder TAG+ Sale! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Incredible CHIEF daughters at Al.Be.Ro

December 16, 2020 Wow, take a moment for this incredible picture! We received this great photograph of four milking Stantons CHIEF daughter at Allevamenti Al.Be.Ro in Italy. From Right to Left: All.Nure Chief Sandra VG-87-IT 2yr., All.Nure Chief Marina, All.Nure Chief Enea and All.Nure Chief Gemma. Chief is one of the hottest sires in the SHOW industry right now and definetly makes his mark with these amazing daughters. Congrats to everybody involved at Al.Be.Ro! Click further to read more.   Read More

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Pictures lots CHRISTMAS @ JK Eder Sale 2020

December 16, 2020 Only one week until the start of the CHRISTMAS @ JK EDER SALE 2020, which will start on Wednesday the 23. of December through the Online TAG+ Sale System. Fantastic lots are selling including a DOORMAN straight out Emeraude, a VG-87-NL 2yr. old which is the #1 yielding cow at JK Eder Holsteins, multiple great lots with show potential or high indexes and fantastic embryo combinations from cow families like DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96-CH, Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL, JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL EX-94-MS, Lady Gaga EX-97-DE, Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA and more! Click further for more sale information and for pictures of the great lots selling!   Read More

Click to enlarge - Lot 18. JK Eder DG Sillian Silly 11
Catalogue CHRISTMAS @ JK EDER TAG Sale online

December 14, 2020 The PDF version of the catalogue is online of the CHRISTMAS @ JK EDER TAG SALE!  
The sale will start on Wednesday, December the 23th and will run a week until Wednesday the 30th of Decemer through the TAG+ sale system! The TAG+ Sale website and prices will be online from later this week, but check the online PDF version of the catalogue here already! Some pictures of the sale heifers are online already, and pictures of all lots will be added to the website prior the sale! Continue reading...   Read More

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Red Carrier daughter from Swiss Expo Champion!

December 14, 2020 At Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding a very promising young cow has been pictured recently. It's NH DG Zalando *RC, from an amazing pedigree. Sired by the top UDC sire Awesome-Red out of the Swiss Expo Champion: Bel Doorman Zita VG-89-DE EX-MS La2. followed by Bel Goldwyn Queen EX-94-IT - the Goldwyn sister to the World Champion Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-95-IT. But also producing milk is in Zalando her genes, she is projected with almost 14.000kgM in 305 days!! For either the Red & White and Black & White breed she has all the potential. Hopefully we will see her back in the show circuit on the coloured shavings, very soon. Continue reading...   Read More

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VIDEO - Chief Camilla wins Videoshow De Zuidwesthoek!

December 14, 2020 The extraordinary and MAX-scored 2-Yr Old: Bel Bag2 Chief Camilla VG-89-NL 2yr. (MAX) extended her victory list with winning the 2-Yr Old Champion ribbons at the Videoshow De Zuidwesthoek last weekend. Like judge Frank Winter mentoined: ''When we speak about the youth and quality in a 2-Yr Old, she will be for us the perfect EXAMPLE!'' Camilla has achieved multiple show successes with winning her class at Swiss Expo, Junior Champion RSN Show '19, Res. Jr. Champion Wintershow Pesse '19 and much more! Her dam Pozosaa Goldwyn Sonia EX-94-IT was H.M. Grand Champion at Swiss Expo and Res. Senior Champion at International Dairy Show Cremona. From Camilla are FEMALE Thunder Storm embryos selling as lot 1 in the Online Embryo Sale! Select your succes now!  Camilla her Denver daughter sold during the German Masters Sale 2020 to Upstream Holsteins and could be the next show winner from this great family! Continue reading...   Read More

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GEN Goodlife Mogul free powerhouse from the Baviere family!

December 11, 2020 Gen Goodlife, the famous Gordon son from DG Bretagne remains solid in the European Index Systems. With a third place in France and in the top ten in Poland he is a bull that has certainly something to offer. Also in the Italian rankings he is among the highest bulls available. Being a Gordon out of a Missouri out of a Smurf and then good old Baviere VG-87. He also offers fresh blood. The bull is completely Mogul free what makes him quite unique in todays top genomic bulls! Continue reading...   Read More

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