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Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT: GTPI +2921 / NM $ 1001 / PTAT +2.65!!

September 6, 2017 Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT came back as one of the most exciting new bulls in the breed yesterday, he is the #13 GTPI bull in the breed and the ONLY bull World Wide who combines >2900 GTPI with >1000 Net Merit and >2.65 PTAT. Aristcrat is the bull where all good parts of both sides of the pedigree come together, with a high production (+1818 Milk / +0.08%F / +0.03%P), super fitness (SCS 2.70 / PL +9.7 / DPR +2.5 / SCE 6.6) and a super type proof (PTAT +2.65 / UDC +2.79 - sloped rumps). Aristocrat is bred by a partnership between Diamond Genetics, Nosbisch Holsteins, Eclipse Holsteins, A. v.d. Vlis & T. Mercuro, his dam Al-Lew Monterey Ashley is one of the highest GTPI / PTAT combination donors in the breed and has 7 Excellent generations in her pedigree going back on GBM Val Blackstar Jean EX-94-USA 3E GMD DOM.    Read More

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Top ranking European females September 2017

September 6, 2017 The highest GTPI heifer in Europe in the September '17 run is a Robson daughter with GTPI +2817. More then 5 heifers from the Top 40 GTPI of September '17 are selling in the German Masters Sale, under which CNN Estell (GTPI +2759) from the UFM-Dubs Eroy cow family. Also the September run brings a new #1 GTPI Polled heifer in Europe: Col DG Cookie *P of Genesland, a Polled Bandares daughter with over 2700 GTPI!! Click further for the complete Top 40 GTPI of the European females.    Read More

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R DG Aladdin #1 PLI & #2 ISET R&W sire in the breed!

September 5, 2017 R DG Aladdin is the new R&W charttopper of Cogent! He  is the World's #1 gPLI R&W sire in the breed with gPLI +622 - supported with a very complete index with high production numbers and a positive protein %, easy calvings, high longevity and and SCC improver, with very functional type (+2.23 Type Merit) and he is a BB Kappa Casein carrier. In RED Holstein country Switzerland we can find Aladdin on the 2nd position in the Swiss R&W ISET ranking for genomic sires: ISET +1632!  Aladdin is a son of Entitle from the Olympian daughter R DG Avira Red VG-85 2yr. - followed by the famous BTS Avea Red VG-87 2yr. which has been very successful in the showring and to produce high bulls for AI stations! There are embryos available out of Aladddin's dam and grand dam! Read more!    Read More

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MOVIE: Lot 8. RZH Enya-Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS - Sel. for SPACE!

September 4, 2017 Click further for a movie from one of the most exciting R&W cows you will find in Europa, RZH Enya Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS selling as Lot 8 in the Vente Drakkar TAG+ Sale which will run until Friday, September the 8th. Enya is selected for the national show the SPACE '17, and a proven flush cow, averaged >10 embryos / flush. Her great type and pedigree will make her a cashcow for her new owner. Enya is the potential 5th generation EXCELLENT cow in this pedigree going back on the World Dairy Expo Grand Champion: Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN! Click further to see her movie and a movie of her daughter selling as Lot 10.   Read More

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September 1, 2017 Click further for more pictures and videos of the Vente Drakkar TAG+ Sale just started!   Read More


September 1, 2017 The Vente Drakkar '17 is open for bidding through the website    Read More

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Video FRESH Cows selling in the Vente Drakkar '17

September 1, 2017 Multiple great fresh cows selling in the Vente Drakkar '17 - click further for a movie of the fresh cows selling.    Read More

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Classification update DRAKKAR SALE fresh cows selling!

August 31, 2017 >10 FRESH cows selling in the Drakkar Sale which will start tomorrow (Friday, September the 1st) through the SALE WEBSITE, a part of the group of milkers has been scored yesterday with great results. Click further to see pictures and results from many VG 2yr. old selling and an incredible VG-88 2nd calf R&W.    Read More

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DG Bretagne is the #1 RZG heifer in Germany

August 31, 2017 The female toprankings for German RZG heifers are online on Eurogenes with DG Bretagne from Genesland as the #1 RZG B&W heifer >9 months old in Germany with 160 RZG. Bretagne is a Missouri daughter from a Smurf x DKR Bayla, the former #1 RZG cow in the breed, followed by DKR Baviere VG-87-FR EX-MS, the former #1 GTPI Cow in the breed, going back on the Candian Cow of the Year Sunnylodge Predlude Spottie! RR Australia is the #3 RZG heifer in Germany for R&W, Australia has 155 RZG, she is an Apoll daughter from a VG-88-CAN 4yr. Snowman which is the full sister to Aikman. The #4 R&W RZG heifer is HaH Delila Red PP with 153 RZG. She is R&W and Homozygous Polled and comes from the Canadian West Port Marigold cow family.    Read More

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Fancy Atlee grand dtr at van der Weij

August 31, 2017 There is a grand daughter of Atlee in the barns of Joannes & Willeke van der Weij. HaM Nominee All In One is a Nominee from MS Atlees Shottle Aubry EX-93 - the full sister to Aftershock and maternal sister to Atwood, Golden Dreams, Delete and others. Click further for her picture.   Read More

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