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Instructions New Sale Platform & TEST auction

March 31, 2021 The Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale will take place on Friday, the 2nd of April, on 07:00 PM through the new online sale platform of Livedairyauction – with a ZERO delay livestream. Hereby a few IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for people who like to follow this sale. Action for users is required as people have to create a new account on the new platform, read more on how to do this, instructions on how to follow the sale and see the online sale and how to view the TEST auction. If you already attended the NH Winter Fun Sale, you don't have to register yourself again.   Read More

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First SALE UPDATE - Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale

March 31, 2021 The first SALE UPDATE of the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale 2021 is now ONLINE available for you. This SALE UPDATE includes also contracts on the lots selling in the Easter Heifer Sale. The auction will start this Friday evening at 7:00 P.M. (Dutch-time) and can be attended through the SALE SITE. More info can be requested through the sale organisation. Click further to view the sale update.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Loh TJ Alessja EX-92-DE La3. - Snapshot March 30, 2021
Loh TJ Alessja extends her score to EX-92 in Germany

March 31, 2021 The reigning German National Champion: Loh TJ Alessja has extended her score to EX-92 in Germany as a third calver. This extraordinary cow owned by J.Lohmöller, T. Melbaum, M. Blais and Nosbisch Holsteins has a impressive victory list with winning: Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2019, 2-Yr Old Champion Schau der Besten 2018, All-German 2-Yr Old 2018, Supreme All-German 2019 and being 2nd at the European Show in Libramont 2019. Her dam Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite-Red VG-87-NL 3yr. was in the top 5 R&W 2-Yr Olds at Swiss Expo 2016 and has FEMALE Delta-Lambda embryos for sale in the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale. Alessja her R&W VG-87-DE La2. Diamondback sister (either full sister to Loh DICE-RED @ Masterrind) has embryos mixed by Delta-Lambda, Chief and Willows P-Red available in the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale selling as lot 36. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Huge GTPI offer in the 24/7 WEBSHOP: >2800 GTPI PA!

March 31, 2021 A huge GTPI offer in the Eurogenes 24/7 WEBSHOP: Progenesis ROCKSOLID (A2A2) (+2896 GTPI / +740 NM$ / +components and +814 Milk) embryos from a great donor with +2710 GTPI from a new- and upcoming German cow family. These embryos guarantee you 100% A2A2 because the donor either provides the Beta Casein A2A2. In this family the last 7 generaties dams averages 65.000kgM! An UNIQUE productive family going back on MOM Akazie EX-90-DE. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - van der Eijk Anya 3
New picture show topper from the ADEEN'S

March 30, 2021 Today we have received a new picture of the show topper backed by the ADEEN'S: van der Eijk Anya 3 VG-88-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. This high scored 2-Yr Old her dam is the full sister to the former #1 PTAT sire in the breed: ARCHRIVAL and scored VG-87-NL as a 2-Yr Old. Dam her full sister is grand dam to the reigning Junior Champion Swiss Expo: H.Tobias AM Solomon Adena. Anya 3 her FEMALE Farnear DELTA-LAMBDA (+2745 GTPI / +2.61 PTAT) embryos are for sale as lot 31 in the Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale this Friday evening. Bid last on this great lot! Click further to read more.   Read More

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New videos lots Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale 2021

March 30, 2021 Just take a break to watch the new uploaded videos of the lots selling the Eurogenes Easter Heifer Sale 2021. This Friday evening, April 2nd, at 19:00 (Dutch-time) the sale can be attended LIVE ONLINE through WWW.EASTERHEIFERSALE.COM. You need to register a new account for yourself to attent the auction and to be able to place bids on the great lots selling. Selling are incredible heifers, embryo packages, Jersey's, Brown Swiss' and fresh cows from WORLD CLASS families and outstanding type & index figures. Click further for the new uploaded videos.   Read More

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Holstein International Cow Family Tournament

March 30, 2021 In the March 2021 issue of Holstein International, you'll find a unique world wide Cow Family Tournament hosted either by Holstein International. Over 50 influential cowfamilies are nominated for this award. On this exceptional list we find several cow families which are developed or discoverd by Diamond Genetics. Many offsprings are spread all around Europe. It's up to you to vote for your favorite! Click further to find out more.   Read More

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Galys her VG-88 2yr. old sister SELLS!!!! Pictures!

March 29, 2021 The EASTER HEIFER SALE (Friday, 2. April) offers one of the most exciting young cows in Europe currently, offered by Erica Rijneveld and Tjebbe Huybrechts, which offers lot 5. VRAY VICI VG-88-BE 2yr. - the Gold Chip sister to none other than GALYS-VRAY EX-94-CH (Europen-, Swiss Expo- & Expo Bulle GRAND CHAMPION) and to Hanna Vray EX-95-CH EX-97-CH, with no doubt one of the best uddered cows in the breed (Udder Champion Swiss Expo '20)! Click further for some barn snapshots of this very special young cow! Videos will follow later!    Read More

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Lucky Girl Red - Exciting, Exclusive and Extraordinary good!

March 29, 2021 Dymentholm Mr Apples AVALANCHE *RC is the world's #1 daughter proven type bull in the World with PTAT +3.92 based on 1367 daughters, his daughters have already shined in the show ring on the Royal & Madison coloured shavings. AVALANCHE has never been available through semen in Europe, there are only very few daughters of him in Europe. SHG Breeding (Andreas & Anne-Dorth Døssing) from Denmark has a truly special daughter of him, she's one of the most promising young R&W cows in Europe: SHG Avalanche Lucky Girl Red - as well the full sister to one of the most complete Avalanche sons in the breed: LOTTO-RED, going back on the All-Canadian & All-American 4yr. Old '11: Rockymountain Talent Licorice *RC EX-95-USA 5yr.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-96-USA
Barbara & Subliminal All-American 2020!!

March 26, 2021 The well-known show cows Butz-Buter Gold Barbara EX-96-USA 3E GMD - reigning Champion World Dairy Expo and Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal EX-96-USA 2E - Supreme Champion Jr. Show WDE 2015 are crowned as the All-American Lifetime Production Cow and Reserve All-American Lifetime Production Cow 2020!! Barbara her offsprings are making furore all over the World! At Nosbisch Holsteins her Archrival grand daughter A-L-H Baltimore VG-85-DE 2yr. is dam to several high PTAT offsprings up to +3.32 PTAT. Subliminal her Raptor daughter Budjon LB Raptor Sublime has a lot of show potential at La Brasserie Holstein in France. Another offspring from Subliminal her family is a great-grand daughter sired by Jordy-Red to Blondin Redman Seisme EX-97-USA EX-99-MS at TJR Portea in Italy. This Red & White Jordy-Red show heifer notes +2.32 PTAT. Continue reading...   Read More

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