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DGF Casimir (GTPI +2987): the Legacy Continues!

May 6, 2020 DGF Casimir got his first genomics back yesterday, he came trough with +2987 GTPI, that makes him the un-official #1 bull in Europe. This line of the Larcrest Crimson cow family already delivered superstars as DG Charley and DG Paul  in the past, now DGF Casimir is added!   Read More

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Additional lots in the Online Embryo Sale!!

May 4, 2020 Two exciting lots in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale, which started last weekend on Friday afternoon. First FEMALE Darlingo embryos from the dam to the European show cow Giessen San Goerdy EX-90-DE: Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL who is classified with an EX-93 mammary system. The first Darlingo daughters are fresh now and looking very promising!! Ensure yourself now from a great show heifer for the 2021 show seaon and make a bid on these embryos today!! Furhtermore for the index lovers we have the first Gen RAVE embryos for you available of Beeze Oldleus Nadia (CD - BL- MF-). This Noble heifer notes close to 2800 GTPI in combination with 675 NM$ and 1.22 PTAT. Her family traces back to the only R&W cow who made it to be Supreme Champion @ World Dairy Expo: Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96-USA. A unique combination of index & show in one package!!   Read More

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Online Embryo Sale NOW OPEN for bidding!!

May 1, 2020 A brand new edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale is now open for bidding. Start your weekend great with some of the special packages selling! Don't miss for example lot 1 in the Online Embryo Sale with mixed FEMALE Unstopabull-Red / FEMALE Moovin *RC from the 1st & Res. 2-Yr Old Champion German Dairy Show 2019: NH DG Arvis Silky Red VG-87-DE 2yr. (sold for 42.000 EUR) or the FEMALE Crushtime embryos from Rainyridge Talent Barbara *RC EX-95-USA her unique Avalanche *RC grand daughter from an EXCELLENT Goldwyn dam. Further offers this sale Aot Silver HELIX (close to 3000 GTPI / #6 overall GTPI sire / dtr proven) embryos from the dam to DG Paul (+2818 GTPI / 687 NM$) @ AI-Total: Excloër DG Carbony VG-85-NL VG-88-MS La1. and FEMALE Milio (3.71 PTAT) embryos from the full sister to OTTO JBT (3.43 PTAT) @ ASCOL: JB Toullec King Doc Oc Cherry, the best the JB Toullec Hot Cherry EX-90-FR EX-92-MS family has to offer you. Or create the new show winner on the coloured shavings with FEMALE Brenland DENVER (+13 Conf.) from the Res. 2-Yr Old Champion of Luxembourg '19 and FEMALE Cycle McGucci JORDY-RED (2.86 PTAT / Premier Sire WDE 2019) from one of the greatest R&W show cows and grand dam to the #1 TYPE (RZE) bull in Germany: BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. Click further for the complete offering.   Read More

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NH Solito Red: #1 overall TYPE bull in Germany!!

April 30, 2020 NH Solito Red, bred by Nosbisch Holsteins from Germany came out as the overall #1 RZE (TYPE) bull in Germany at +145 RZE. This super accomplishment from this Salvatore *RC son is in his genes with a VG-85 Atwork *RC daughter and then the French BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. who was Res. Champion at Opmeer show against B&W's. Avea-Red is a sister to the heavily used bull Gen-I-Beq AIKMAN *RC and her grand dam is the sister to the 'one million dollar cow' KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA. This deep American cow family maitains 7 generations EXCELLENT dams! Get your own AVEA today and buy her FEMALE Awesome-Red embryos now in the 24/7 WEBSHOP.   Read More

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FEMALE PROTEIN index toppers in Europe!!

April 30, 2020 Today it's time for a great ranking on the trait PROTEIN based on the GTPI index!! We'll introduce you the top 10 PROTEIN females in Europe of the April 2020 proof! There are some little changes comparing this list to the foreign December 2019 proof. Jedi has again a lot of influence in the list with delivering again 8 (grand) daughters in the top 10. The #1 PROTEIN female in Europe is again Mirabell Supersire Shana at +77 lbs protein. Second is Peak Montoy Obi 1047 with either +77 lbs protein backed by Larcrest Crimson. At the thrid spot we find Vilma 6507, an Jedi daughter with +76 lbs protein. Her maternal sister by Humblenkind sold in the European Masters Sale '19 to Roccafarm Holsteins & T. Adams. New in the top 10 are Charl daughters DGF W Haley at +72 lbs Protein and DG DV Christa at either +72 lbs Protein. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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DG Charley dtr DG Bodile pictured - BARBARA EX-95 family!

April 29, 2020 The former Net Merit charttopper DG Bodile has been pictured - scoring already VG-85 with a VG Mammary System as a 2yr. old in Germany, Bodile as well working on a great 1st lactation with 3.7% PROTEIN! Bodile's mother MS DG-TM Delta Blake produced multiple AI sires and as well is the grand dam of the hot of the press new #1 GTPI Nacash daughter in the breed: Gen Blake (Nacash x Mixer x Blake), which is only 2 points away from the +2900 GTPI level! Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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Picture time @ Upstream Holsteins!!

April 29, 2020 Last week it was picture time for the amazing R&W POLLED show topper: Lakeside Ups Rolce-Royce Red VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. This extraordinary Ems Red PP daughter was Junior Champion at the Wintershow Ermelo 2019 and a grand daughter to the European show cow and Grand Champion National HHH-Show 2014 & 2016: Zeedieker Advent Roseanna Red EX-93-NL EX-94-MS. Rolce-Royce her pedigree maintains 8 generations EXCELLENT dams and brought also the 'one million dollar cow' & Res. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo '11: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM. Click further to take a look at the incredible new pictures made by Anna Joosse.    Read More

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Top GTPI & RZG heifers for Canadian Cattle Club!

April 29, 2020 Canadian Cattle Club has extend their herd with two great heifer in the top of the GTPI and RZG rankings. HET SC Charlene is bred by Hurkmans ET and sold trough the Highlight Sale 2020 to Candian Cattle Club & Wilder Holsteins from Germany. This Soundcloud heifer at flush age notes +2838 GTPI with 674 NM$ and +1.70 PTAT. She is as well the #18 NET MERIT heifer >9 months in Europe and a full sister to HET SC Charlie @ Semex. This alternative bloodline of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family brought also the heavily used bulls O-Cosmopolitan, Cancun, Chevrolet, Fanatic & more. The second addition for CCC is HMO Kadabra, this A2A2 AltaHothond heifer increased her GTPI score to +2836 GTPI with +1.67 PTAT and 698 NM$ comparing it to the December 2019 proof. This AltaHothand x Superhero x Silver x EX-90 Numero Uno x VG-87 Goldwyn goes back to the Res. 2-Yr Old Champion European Show Oldenburg '06: Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE. Click further for more info about these two exceptional new heifers.    Read More

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Huge GTPI offer: PACO (2943 GTPI / 800 NM$) embryos for sale!

April 24, 2020 Great the next GTPI or NET MERIT chart topper with ST Gen Helix PACO-ET (+2943 GTPI / +800 NM$) embryos selling by the +2661 GTPI Charl daughter Rijnhof Iduna in the 24/7 WEBSHOP! This Charl heifer has a great overall index with super health traits: 6.0% SCE, +6.0 PL, +2.9 DPR & 2.89 SCS. Her full sister tests +2727 GTPI and +663 NET MERIT. This huge cow family goes back on a different sire back with 11 generation VG- or EXCELLENT dams: Charl x Modesty x VG-85 Supershot x VG-87 Mayfield to Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibvu EX-94-USA. Iduna was as well the #23 GTPI female in the May 2019 intermediate run and notes +578 NM$. Click further for more info.   Read More

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European R&W & *RC GTPI female rankings!

April 24, 2020 Europe offers some of the highest Red and White and Red Carrier females in the Holstein breed based on GTPI base. The influance of several foundation cows are significant and dominating in the list, with for example Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk, De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC, Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red, Wilder K25 Red, Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje and Cookiecutter Ssire Have. The #1 R&W GTPI female is for Wilder Holsteins with Ronald *RC daughter Wilder Sophie-Red at +2876 GTPI. She is as well the #2 GTPI Ronald *RC daughter in the World and backed by the Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-89-NL family. Her herdmate Wilder Karola *RC is the #3 RED CARRIER GTPI female in Europe at +2796 GTPI. This Aristocrat daughter is backed by the Wilder K25 Red VG-88-DE family. This family has a huge influence with delivering 4 heifers in the top 25 RED CARRIER GTPI females. Furthermore Rinderzuchtbetrieb Hellwig has with RZH SIE Seattle, sold for 50.000 EUR, her full sister RZH 12341 *RC the #4 RED CARRIER GTPI female in Europe this April 2020 proof. Click further for the full R&W and RED CARRIER rankings.   Read More

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