Click to enlarge - VH River
VH River the #1 NTM bull in Scandinavia!

August 7, 2018 The new #1 NTM bull in the breed is VH River, a Reflecton son with +37 NTM! Followed by VH Badger with +35 NTM, VH Barista +35 NTM, VH Baylor +35 NTM and VH Brook with also +35 NTM. The highest Danish Red NTM bull is VR Thiago with +33 NTM, with right behind her VR Guidett with +30 NTM. In the polled index VH Monty P stands out with +33 NTM! Click further voor all the scandanavian indexes!   Read More

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Sound System again the #1 in Italy!

August 7, 2018 In the Italian runs Sound System made again his expectations come true! His stays in the #1 position in the genomic gPFT with +4273 PFT. Followed by R DG Neutron in the second position with +4184 PFT. The top 5 is completed by Go-Farm Innuendo (+4167 PFT), Go-Farm Monster (+4141 PFT) & Spring Farm Spotify (+4117 PFT).
Also the daughter proven sires made a good run. All.Nure Poison taked the first position with +3330 PFT.  Go-Farm Inseme Zurich notes +3271 PFT for the #2. New in the daughter proven list is Holbra Inseme Rodanas with +3259 PFT, what is enough for the #3!!
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Legacy the new outstanding #1 in the UK!

August 7, 2018 In the new proofs in the UK there is a new outstanding #1 in the genomic gPLI list! It's Pine-Tree CW Legacy who notes +924 PLI before Denovo 7921 Atrium with +897 PLI. In the third position stands ABS Outback with +866 PLI follewed by VH Balisto Brook with +849 PLI. Also in the top 5 is standing ABS Crimson with +848 PLI. The daughter proven list is leaded by Mocon with +738 PLI. Followed by Mystic (+719 PLI), Littlerock (+699 PLI) & Balisto (+679 PLI) who also notes +1.21 Type Merit. Click further for the complete lists!   Read More

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Gywer *RC the new #1 RZG bull in Germany!

August 7, 2018 It's index day today! Which brought in Germany a new #1 in the genomic interbull list. It's Gywer *RC, a Gymnast son with a RZG of +165. The second place is for Souncloud with a RZG of +164 followed by Garido and Bestday which have both a RZG of +162. Number 10 in the list is DG Eagle with +159 RZG, also Casino stays strong with +158 RZG at #15.   Read More

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Huge RZG potential sell in the Online Embryo Sale!

August 2, 2018 There are some Exclusive and high RZG embryo’s for sale this Online Embryo Sale, the sale ends tomorrow 21.00 PM (Dutch time). One of those packages are #3 Col DG Spark-Red (+162 RZG) embryos out of a high transmitting German cowfamily, the Wilder Meta’s! These SPARK-Red embryos out of a high Bandares daughter, Het Banda Mellissa which has +143 RZG! The other package is Wilder Hotspot-P embryos out of the fantastic dam of the sensational bull DG Charley, DG Candide VG-85-NL VG-88-MS! Time to make your own skyhigh RZG AI bull! The last high RZG embryos are out of the Aiko family, these Wilder Hotspot-P embryos are out of a great red carrier Rubicon daughter, NRP Alisha VG-85-NL 2yr., which traces back to Goldwyn Aiko and Durham Altitude!   Read More

Click to enlarge -
Stantons Freddie Cameo now EX-90!

August 2, 2018 The well know Freddie daughter, Stantons Freddie Cameo is now EX-90-CAN as an 8yr. old! The oldest daughter of Stantons Lucky Cameo which traces back to the great brood cow Sher-Est S-wind Saturday EX-90 GMD DOM! 2 females were brought here to Europe through embryos, these were Anderstrup DG Calico and Anderstrup DG Cameryn, both Shamrock daughters which made a lot of embryos. Especially Anderstrup DG Calico did good, highest daughter out of her is Hul-Stein Calidero, a Rubicon daughter with +2542 GTPI. She made calves again all the way up to >2770 GTPI and >945 NM $!   Read More

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Lot #1, FEMALE Crushtime embryos out of Oceanie!

July 31, 2018 If you are looking for show winning heifers for next year, do not wait any longer and check out Lot #1 in the Online Embryo Sale! The early FEMALE embryos by the type sensation Col DG CRUSHTIME +4.00 PTAT, out of the daughter of one of the best R&W show cows you can find in Europe, La Waebera Glacier Oceanie-Red EX-94-CH and then her Dreamdate daughter La Waebera Dreamdate Oceane VG-85-FR 2yr! Glacier Oceanie had a lifetime production >100.000 kg Milk and knows how to transmit, with her daughter La Waebera Ralstorm Tina EX-91-CH being Honorable Mention Swiss Expo '13! Show winning, great pedigree on the bottom side and the TYPE sensation CRUSHTIME on the top side, match of perfection made here, lot number 1!!   Read More

Click to enlarge - Ms DG Delta Bridgett *RC VG-85
The great MS DG Delta Bridgett is pictured!

July 31, 2018 Probably one of the highest Red Carrier GTPI milking cows is fresh and pictured! MS DG Delta Bridgett *RC VG-85-USA 2yr. is the Delta daughter out of Calbrett Supersire Barb VG-86-USA which traces back to the fantastic Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA, which is a descendant of Rainyridge Tony Beauty, the oldest Grand Champion of the World Dairy Expo @ 14 years of age! This family has produced many sky high Heifers and AI Bulls! What to think about Bridgett her full sister MS DG-TM Delta Blake, the dam of a high Marquee son Mr DG-TM Marquee Balance with +2852 GPTI / NM $ +1022! And is the dam of DG Bodile, the skyhigh Charley daughter with +2722 GTPI / NM $ 904! This family has produced AI bulls like DG Brody *RC, Drakkar Barbican *RC or the young bull Mr DG-TM Sal Baltimore *RC with +2787 GTPI / NM $ 939!!   Read More

Click to enlarge - RR Shottle Elisa EX-90-DE
Reinermann in 'Deutschlands Zuchtkuh des Jahres' competition!

July 30, 2018 Reinermann has their best brood cow ever from Zuchtbetrieb Reinermann in the 'Deutschlands Zuchtkuh des Jahres' competition. This is a competition for the best German cows of the year in the Magazine 'Kuhfacto'! RR Shottle Elisa EX-90-DE is the cow to vote for! This Shottle daughter is out of the former 'Mondial Brood Cow of the year 2011' Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90-NL. This makes RR Shottle Elisa the maternal sister to the well known sire FG Snowman!   Read More

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Junior Champion @ Great Eccleston for Absolute Genetics!

July 30, 2018 Great show day for Absolute Genetics at their regional show the Great Eccleston! They went to the show with Absolute Goldwyn Avant-Garde, this was her first outing, and she lived up to her pedigree because she became 1st February Calf and Junior Champion of the show later on! This fancy Goldwyn daughter has one of the best pedigrees to find, she is out of a VG-86 Doorman daughter out of the fabulous Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang EX-95-CAN! This pedigree has produced many many Excellent cows, including the fullsister of Aranagatang, Kingsway Sanchez Armadillo EX-95-CAN or the 4th dam in this pedigree Kingsway Terrason Allie EX-95-CAN.    Read More

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