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European PTAT rankings April 2019!!

April 9, 2019 The European female rankings are all ONLINE now with today the top ranking of the European PTAT females! The outstanding #1 PTAT female is BWN Camomilla an Undenied calf from the Camomile's with +4.41 PTAT. She is the sister to lot 29 in the European Masters Sale: RZN Solomon Camilla (s. Solomon). #3 in the PTAT Calves (< 9 months) list is NH Doc Fun a King Doc daughter from the DKR Faith family with +4.26 PTAT who will also be sold in the European Masters Sale als lot 30!! The #1 PTAT heifer (>9 months) is this run PrismaGen Attacke an Delight daughter with +4.37 PTAT. Second in the list is ARGH Fudge again a Delight daughter with +4.30 PTAT. #4 in the list is CCC-Hu Emilio Cremona an Emilo heifer with +4.18 PTAT from the incredible transmitter Huhne Cremona. The #1 PTAT cow (>2 years) is still the unbeatable HC Archrival Arianne with +4.07 PTAT. She is followed by All.Nure Jedi-Door Lorna a Byway daughter with +4.00 PTAT. Click further for the overall PTAT rankings.   Read More

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Pictures Lot 28. Bel Chief Cecilia

April 9, 2019 Only a few days until the European Masters Sale which will be held on Friday, the 12. of April in Libramont - Belgium during the European Show! The entire catalogue can be found under www.europeanmasterssale.com - Pictures of great heifers are coming in now which are selling on Friday, like here the picture of Lot 28. Bel Chief Cecilia! A stunning CHIEF dtr straight out of Du Bon Vent Inkapi EX-93-IT - she was Res. Grand at the Swiss Expo '17, her dtr was 2nd at the Swiss Expo '18 and Inkapi herself is one of the stars in team Italy for the European Show this Saturday! Check out the picture of the stunning Lot 28!   Read More

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Final selection Switzerland for Libramont!

April 8, 2019 Today the Swiss herdbook announced the final selection of the Swiss team for Libramont. 22 cows will be presented at the European Show this Friday & Saturday in Libramont. With for example the R&W Grand Champion of the Swiss Expo: Pasteque (s. Savage *RC) of P'tit Coeur Holsteins. The B&W Champion of the Swiss Expo Sunibelle Dempsey Esprit and the also the Grand Champion of the Expo Bulle 2019: Au Parchy Doorman Jolie. Click furhter for all the Swiss participants for Libramont.   Read More

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Official European GTPI rankings 04/19!

April 8, 2019 Eurogenes is the place to be for the European & global rankings of the Holstein breed! Today it time to publish the official GTPI rankings for the European females based on the new April 2019 proof! The #1 GTPI female in Europe is HODEU000953362880 (s. Dynamo) with +2894 GTPI and also +1008 Net Merit!! This Dynamo heifer traces back to De-Su 7012 EX-92-USA DOM. Second in the list is Cirio Agricola Idra with +2873 GTPI. This Skywalker calf notes also +1008 Net Merit! Furthermore in the top 15 we find K&L OH Mindy a Redrock daughter with +2841 GTPI at place 5. Also Bubba daughter NH Sunview Bubba Sunny ranks with +2818 GTPI at place 10. DG HS Nadja shows again her strength with 2 daughters in the top 15. Her Medley daughter HS DG Nanny notes +2814 GTPI at place 13 and her Tarrino daughter HS DG Natalee notes +2813 GTPI at place 14. The other one we find in the top 15 is DG DV Saskia one of the very first Charl daughters in Europe with +2811 GTPI at place 15. The #1 GTPI cow >2 years is Crossfell Rubicon Milla a Rubicon daughter from the Ramos Camille family with +2806 GTPI. Click furhter for all the rankings.   Read More

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Blues-Red & Savio *RC leading in so many ways!

April 5, 2019 In the American RED CARRIER GTPI list is Batouwe RE SAVIO *RC a particulary bull. This Salvatore *RC son is topping in the list with a #6 place with +2753 GTPI and incredible linear trades. A very complete bull with super traits: 5.6% SCE // >1000 Milk // 2.56 SCS // +2.45 UDC // +0.15% Fat // +0.04 % Protein. His dam is Batouwe Aiko Red VG-85-NL 2yr. a R&W Salsa *RC daughter who is the former #3 GTPI RED Heifer in Europe! She is also the dam to AI-Total's intriguing R&W sire BLUES-RED, the full brother to SAVIO *RC. Blues-Red is topping in several systems: #14 GTPI R&W bull // #15 R&W RZG genomic bull and the #22 gNVI R&W bull. An Alaska Red sister to BLUES-RED & SAVIO *RC, Rhala RE Quickstep Red is @ Batouwe Holsteins and tests also great in several systems. These huge bulls are tracing back to the top transmitter KHW Aiko *RC EX-91-USA DOM. Click further for more info about these bulls.   Read More

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Show time @ Dueholm Breeding!

April 5, 2019 Recently were several cows taken on a proffesional photo at Dueholm Breeding, Denmark. Including Siepermanns Doorman Luisa VG-89-DK 2yr. the 2yr. Old of the Agro Nord Show 2019. This promising young cow is a Doorman grand daughter of Galwaybay Dundee Lavish EX-95-IE - the 1st & Best Udder Mature Cow National Emerald Expo '12.  Also we received a new picture of HAM Goldwyn Dream VG-87-DK 2yr. a Goldwyn daughter of Mox Gibson Dreamline EX-91-DE, the Grand Champion B&W Schau 2009 and daughter of Mox Rubens Dream EX-93-DE. Dream was 2x Int. Champion at a German national show in 2002 and was Res. All-German in 2007. Another great young cow is Vliek Mc Mitty P VG-88-NL EX-MS La1.  This McCutchen daughter is bred by Vliek Holsteins, the Netherlands and a daughter of the former #1 GTPI Heifer in the breed: Pine-Tree 1258 Mitty EX-91-CAN EX-93-MS 5yr. Click furher for the pictures.   Read More

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HOTSPOT P again at the global TOP!

April 5, 2019 In this week index run came out that Wilder HOTSPOT P is still at an ubeatable level in several systems. This POLLED Superhero son is the #2 ISET Genomic bull with +1701 ISET and the #4 NTM bull with +39 NTM. He is also still testing +155 RZG and one of the highest RZG Polled bulls in Germany. A great performance for the Holtkamp family with this special bull. He is straight out the Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE family and has a sister testing +2676 GTPI what makes her the #22 GTPI cow in Europe! Hotspot P is available through the RUW in Germany. Click further for more info.   Read More

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CROWNMAX the #1 RZG bull in Germany!

April 4, 2019 This German index proof came out with a new outstanding #1 RZG bull in the breed: Hul-Stein Crownmax. This incredible Imax son notes +165 RZG in combination with +158 RZM and +120 RZE. He is out of the great family of Statons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN and has 11 generations excellent or VG-dams in his pedigree! His dam Hul-Stein Crown Party 2 is the former #5 RZG Profit daughter in the World and is recently scored VG-87-NL with a VG-88-MS as a 2yr. Old @ Rijnhof Holsteins!! This family deliverd many great sires like Mr. Sam, Mr. Samuelo, Socrates and more. A great perfomance for Hul-Stein with breeding this fantastic bull. Crownmax is available through Masterrind. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Gen Goodlife the outstanding #1 in France!

April 3, 2019 Gen Goodlife (s. Gordon) is the #1 ISU bull in France with +227 ISU. He is the outstanding #1 with +18 points above Optimum (s. Gymnast). Followed by Oxterril a Surgeo son with +217 ISU. The only POLLED bull in the top 10 is Adlon P (s. Adagio P) with +216 ISU at place 5. Hero (s. Superhero) has also a good proof in France with +205 ISU at place 36. Click furhter for all the French indexes.   Read More

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SALVUS one of the very first >5000 ICO bulls in Spain!

April 3, 2019 Salvus is the new chart topping ICO bull in the interbull genomic list in Spain (<80 % reliability). He notes +5043 ICO and is the absolutely #1!! With 41 points less follows LMG Quantum Denmark with +5004 ICO at place 2. Further in the list is Gen Goodlife (Gorch) with +4939 ICO good enough for place 5. The only R&W bull in the top 10 for ICO is Col DG Spark with +4833 ICO. In the daughter proven list (>80% reliability) is Mr Mccut Dante the one who is topping the list with +4707 ICO. Dante came also yesterday out as the NEW #1 GTPI daughter proven sire in the U.S. The second one is the former #1 Glen-D-Haven Altahotrod he now notes +4676 ICO. Further more has Supershot a great run scores +4499 ICO. Click furhter for all the Spanish rankings.   Read More

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