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5 new EXCELLENT cows for Giessen Holsteins!

April 8, 2024 A fantastic classification round for Giessen Holsteins with 5 new EXCELLENT cows! The 2nd place Jr. 2yr. old National HHH-Show 2022, 2nd place Intermediate Cow Class National HHH-Show 2023 and Grand Champion Wintershow Wanneperveen 2023: Giessen Cinderella 216 (s. Pepper) now scored EX-90 with VG-89 for her Mammary System and EX-91 Feet&Legs as 4yr. old! The dam to the former #9 *RC PTAT heifer in Europe: Giessen Cecibell 11 is now the 3rd generation EXCELLENT in a row!! She is classified with EX-90-NL with EX-92 for her Mammary System! Click further for more classification results.   Read More

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Unique chance! Doral-Red dtr from Maple-Red EX-94 her sister!

April 5, 2024 Unique chance! The first heifer straight out of Auchensala Unstopabull Mojito-Red sells TODAY in the Online Easter Heifer Sale 2024 as Lot 10. M&J Mojito 1 Red. She is a November '23 Doral-Red heifer out of the full sister to Blondin Unstopabull Maple-Red EX-94-USA! The phenomenal Maple-Red EX-94-USA was Grand Champion B&W and R&W at the Royal Winter Fair 2022 and Intermediate Champion & Res. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2022 (Between the B&W's). Dam to Mojito-Red and Maple-Red EX-94 is Kawartha Armani Memory-Red EX-92-CAN EX-94-MS 5yr. and was 1st 5yr. old R&W Fall Invitational 2020, 3rd 3yr. old R&W Royal Winter Fair 2018 and more! Memory-Red EX-92 is an Armani *RC daughter out of Lochdale Shaquille Missy-Red EX-93-USA 2E, the Intermediate Champion R&W Royal Winter Fair 2013, Res. All-Canadian R&W 3yr. old 2013 and more! Continue reading..   Read More

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Get a Rompen-Red daughter from Tequila-Red EX-96!

April 5, 2024 She is a great Red & White showheifer from one of the best RED show cows of the past decade and sells today at the Online Easter Heifer Sale 2024! Lot 01. Siemers Take It All Red is a Rompen-Red daughter straight from the Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2014 & 2015: Strans-Jen-D-Tequila-Red EX-96-USA. Her maternal sisters by Unstopabull-Red, Milksource Tantrum-Red EX-94-USA was Res. Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2022 and Intermediate Champion & Res. Grand Champion Championship Show Wisconsin 2022 and RH Unstopabull Tantrum Red was Jr. Champion Cowvalley 2023 and Jr. Champion Fokveedag Putten 2024. Tequila is one of the most successful R&W show cows in Nortern-America with 6x All-American nominees, Grand Champion MN State Holstein Show '13, Grand Champion WI Spring R&W Show 2017, Grand Champion Midwest R&W Spring Show 2016 and many more. Her dam Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red EX-95-USA 3E was Supreme Champion @ MN State Fair 2007 and has no less than 9x All-American nominees.  Continue reading...   Read More

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FINAL DAY - Easter Heifer Sale 2024!

April 5, 2024 Today is the FINAL DAY of the Online Easter Heifer Sale 2024, the sale ends tonight at 9:00 P.M. (Dutch-Time). Don't miss the great offering in this sale and bid last on the amazing lots selling! With for example a Rompen-Red daughter straight out of Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96-USA 2E, a Captivating daughter from the #4 PTAT Cow (>2 Years) in Europe and dam to one of the highest Conformation sires worldwide: Gen Bibian VG-86-NL 2yr., top B&W gNVI heifer DG Rohi *RC at +327 gNVI, a Doral-Red niece to Blondin Unstopabull Maple EX-94-USA, a very fancy Delta-Lambda daughter classified with VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. out of Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN her sister, an Amaretto-Red daughter at +11 Conformation out of FG Warrior Alicia-Red VG-87-DE 2yr., a Victorious daughter straight out of Elliots Regancy Corrina EX-93-USA, a pregnant Barca daughter straight out of Mox Alpengirl EX-90-DE and many more! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Lambeau, the #3 GTPI sire with +3147 GTPI (+192 for GTPI)

April 4, 2024 A great April '24 index run for Westcoast Lambeau! The Pursuit son came out this run as the #3 GTPI International sire at +3147 GTPI (+192 for GTPI) in unique combination with +2.45 PTAT / +1044 NM$ / +1462kgM and positive components / +1.95 UDC and +1.22 FLC. He is a Pursuit son out of Comestar Laumabia Doc and goes back to one of the best cow families ever: Comestar Laurie Sheik VG-88-CAN 2yr. 23*. Lambeau is maternal brother to Subzero daughter Suami VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., she is dam to DG Seaborn @ AI-Total at +3094 GTPI in combination with +1071 NM$ and +2.08 PTAT and to DG Stewart at +3190 GTPI / +1114 NM$ and +2.08 PTAT! In the Online Easter Heifer Sale sells this week as Lot 09. DG Sapphira, she is a Whatsoever daughter straight out of Suami VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., she notes in her April '24 US-index: +2820 GTPI with +1.68 PTAT and in her Canadian index: +6 Conformation with +3545 gLPI. Continue reading..   Read More

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VG-87-NL 2yr. Jersey with HUGE components!

April 4, 2024 One of the great lots selling this week in the Online Easter Heifer Sale is the very promising Oelhorst Mini 931 VG-87-NL 2yr.! She is a fancy Huxford daughter with in her 2nd milktest 25kgM with 6.1% Fat and 3.9% Protein! She was 3,5 weeks fresh when the classifier saw her and classified her with VG-87-NL 2yr. with VG-86 for her Mammary System. Her dam, Oelhorst Joel Mini 784 VG-88-NL 3yr. is sired by Guimo Joel and produced in her lactations >5.8% Fat and >3.9% Protein! 2nd dam is Noorder ARGH Barnabas S Minnie VG-85-NL 2yr., she produced in both lactations >10.000kgM with >5.4% Fat! 4th dam to Oelhorst Mini 931 VG-87-NL 2yr. was Senior Champion & Grand Champion Wisconsin State Fair 2010 and from the same family as Jif Little Minnie EX-96-CAN, the Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair '02 & '04. Click further for more info.   Read More

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2nd Sale Update Easter Heifer Sale!

April 4, 2024 The 2nd SALE UPDATE of the Online Easter Heifer Sale is now ONLINE available! This SALE UPDATE includes the new indexes of the April 2024 run! Click further for more info.   Read More

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INVITATION: Visit the sale heifers!

April 3, 2024 You are welcome for a visit, on Thursday April the 4th from 01.30 p.m. till 04.30 p.m. and from Friday April the 5th from 10.00 a.m. till 12.00 a.m. and from 01.30 p.m. till 04.30 p.m. Continue reading.   Read More

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New chart toppers in the Dutch rankings!

April 3, 2024 The Dutch gNVI indexes just came in and are ONLINE available. Due to an adjustment of the basis, the breeding values for all bulls with an gNVI breeding value have fallen by approximately 20 NVI points this run. The publication rules for the conformation breeding values of imported bulls have also been adjusted. The #1 NVI B&W Genomic sire this run is Delta Boyan (s. Warren P *RC) at +391 gNVI, followed by Tigerwoods De La Vigne at +386 gNVI and making the top 3 complete with Sitron at +379 gNVI. Furthermore we find in this top 20 DG Dr. No @ AI-Total at +328 gNVI in combination with +1950kgM. The #1 NVI R&W Genomic sire this run is Delta Cream P Red at +375 gNVI. At the 4th spot we find NH Skyliner-Red (s. Sputnik *RC) at +358 gNVI in combination with +3739 kgM and +532 INET. Click further for more info.   Read More

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German indexes - April 2024

April 3, 2024 The German indexes are now online available at Eurogenes! There have been no changes in the top 3 of the B&W RZG Interbull Genomic ranking. Topping the B&W RZG Interbull Genomic ranking is a again Rover son Real Syn at +166 RZG (-5 for RZG)! He is followed by again Vivify at +161 RZG and making the stage complete with Rome at +160 RZG! Topping the R&W Interbull Genomic ranking is Skill Red at +161 RZG. A shared second spot for CR7 P, Redford and Handout P at +158 RZG and a shared third spot for Koepon Redbull @ AI-Total, Pringle-Red and Kretos-Red at all +157 RZG. The #1 B&W Interbull Dtr proven sire is again Genosource Captain at +153 RZG, followed by Ginetta at +150 RZG and a shared third spot for Madboy, AltaZarek, Pursuit and Commitment at +148 RZG. The #1 R&W Interbull Dtr proven sires are Zoom Red and Freestyle-Red at +148 RZG. Continue reading..   Read More

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